Great Reasons to Buy a Home in Newell!

Now is the best time to buy a home in Newell. Why?

There are several good reasons:

Mortgage Rates in Newell
Mortgage rates in Newell are the lowest they have been in years and will be rising soon. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have already announced changes that will impact home loan rates and cause them to jump. Experts, including myself foresee this happening very soon, so locking in a low mortgage rate now would be a great move allowing you to get the best home loan!

Homes for Sale in Newell
Right now, there is a great selection of homes for sale in Newell. This has created a buyer's market in Newell that we have not seen in a very long time! By acting now, you may get the best deal in Newell real estate that you will ever get.

Sellers are Negotiating Deals in Newell
This means that in addition to great selection and great home prices, you can negotiate other things into your offer. For example, ask the seller to pay your closing costs. Add that to a zero down mortgage and you could easily buy a home in Newell with no money down! Talk about opportunity!

It's the Holiday Season
Besides the whole image of having your holiday dinner at your new home in Newell this year, you will also find that this is typically a slower season in real estate. That's good for you! Lenders, REALTORS, title companies and attorneys are not as busy right now, so they can really focus on getting you into your new home quickly!

Free Warranty or Appraisal*
Right now, if you buy a home in Newell and use my mortgage services, I will give you a home warranty to protect your investment for an entire year, or pay for your home appraisal!


Finding the right Newell mortgage professional is key to buying your home. You want someone that not only keeps up with current issues in the industry, but someone that is dedicated to helping you find the right mortgage program for your needs. is the premier online destination for getting the best mortgage programs in Newell. Call 704-248-8694 or visit

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