Visitors are coming to Florida in droves this season

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"If you are looking for a bright spot in an otherwise moribund regional economy, look no further than those folks wearing sunglasses, and with the pasty legs."  HEY!!  I live here and my legs are still pasty white!  LOL....Floridians for the most part, don't sit on the beach 24/7.  Heck many Floridians don't ever go to the beach unless relatives are in town and drag them there.  Sad isn't it? 

"Despite the decline in home values, the rise in gas prices, the weak dollar and predictions of strong hurricane seasons, visitors are coming to Southwest Florida in droves this season."  Yeah baby!! 

This article in today's Herald Tribune states that some of the island businesses have already noticed an increase in business this year in September/October over last year.  Many of those visitors were Canadians & Europeans due to the exchange rate right now.

The total number of tourists visiting Florida during the third quarter of 2007 increased by 4.8 percent compared to the same period in 2006 according to preliminary data released by VISIT FLORIDA®, the state's official tourism marketing corporation.

Many of the state's tourism promoters have stated that this winter will be "one of the strongest in years". 

I think the fact that this was the second year in a row for a calm and quiet hurricane season, the increase in visitors/snowbirds topped with a ton of great real estate deals out there right now, I am hopeful this winter we will see an increase in sales of homes and condos.  More visitors and snowbirds means a better chance to move some of the inventory that we currently have on hand.

I have some family coming down around Christmas time and I know they will be dragging me to the beach as much as possible.  My nieces love the beach.  Oh well, that will be my chance to turn my pasty white legs into a nice tan!  :)

If you live out of state and were undecided as to whether or not to visit Florida this year, let me twist your arm a little bit.....

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