What's Happening at Atlanta REIA the Week of February 27, 2012

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What's Happening at Atlanta REIA
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Monday, February 27th @ 6:30 PM in Marietta, GA
Atlanta REIA West Meeting
with Joe Thompson on
Goal Setting & Time Management

Joe ThompsonA common problem facing new investors attempting to make the jump from the corporate world to the free-form world of the self-managed business is time management and goal setting. Too often, the personal discipline is neglected and business suffers the results! This month at the Atlanta REIA West Meeting on Monday, February 27th at 6:30 PM at the Cherokee Cattle Company (map) located at 2710 Canton Road in Marietta, GA, Joe Thompson, of the Atlanta REIA Haves & Wants Meeting, will talk to us about goal setting and time management. Click here to Download Joe's Handouts for the meeting.

Joe is an experienced business and financial consultant with over 29 years in the financial arena and business ownership experience dating back to 1973. Joe entered the financial consulting field in 1982 and has been awarded numerous awards for his achievements and quality of work. Joe focuses his practice on working with Real Estate Investors, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners, all of whom have unique challenges and opportunities, which require experience and additional skills not commonly found in the advisement industry.

Atlanta REIA West MeetingBut wait, there is more... immediately following the Atlanta REIA West Monthly Meeting, we will reconvene in the Cherokee Cattle Company lounge for Late Nite Networking. We hope you will come out and eat, drink, network, learn and have fun with us and keep the investing conversations going late into the evening! Atlanta REIA Members can attend the meeting at no charge and guests for $5.00.

Tuesday, February 28 @ 7 PM on GoToWebinar.com
An Evening with an Expert Webcast
with Real Estate Attorney Craig Halperin

Craig HalperinThis month's special guest on our Evening with an Expert Webcast on Tuesday, February 28th at 7 PM will be one of Atlanta REIA's Gold Business Members, Attorney Craig Halperin. Craig will be with us to discuss "Title Insurance and Recording for Real Estate Investors: From Coverage and Rates to Proper Transfers in Georgia". This is a definitely a "Do Not Miss" educational opportunity for anyone involved in real estate investing. The information provided will not only help beginning investors to learn the legal side of the transactions they are conducting, but is guaranteed to teach seasoned investors a few new lessons as well. We will try and cover these topics for private and hard money lenders as well.

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Did you know that your closing attorney might not be using the right documents needed to ensure your continued title insurance coverage on all your properties. Learn how all of your title and recording fees are calculated, and what title documents you should expect to see in a complete closing package. The next closing you walk into, there will be no surprises, and you will know exactly where each dollar goes, and what to expect. Register for the webcast now! On this webcast you will learn...

  • What is title insurance and when is it needed for investors?
  • What is the relationship between your closing attorney and its title underwriters, and how does this affect investors?
  • How are title insurance rates calculated in GA, and how has this changed in the past few years, and what changes do we predict coming soon?
  • Which kinds of investor transactions are generally insurable verse uninsurable and why?
  • What kinds of deeds are used to legally transfer title and when are certain deeds required to ensure title insurance coverage extension on investor's closings?
  • How are recording fees and transfer taxes calculated?
  • What is the legal process for recorded or releasing deeds from the county courthouses, who is responsible for these actions, and what are potential penalties for not doing so properly?
  • What title documents do you want to have at your closings to keep you protected as either a buyer or seller?
Tuesday, February 28th @ 6:30 PM in Smyrna

Tom BoyerThe Note Buyers Group an Atlanta REIA educational and networking subgroup led by Tom Boyer that is designed to teach real estate investors how to buy and sell the mortgage notes that secure a property rather than buying the property itself. The group's goal is to transact deals within the group and increase our professionalism through education in a changing credit market. The agenda for this month's meeting is (1) Notes for Sale - Bring yours for analysis, (2) Smaller investment amount opportunities and (3) Strategies using seller financing to buy/sell properties, and (4) Legislation update as appropriate.

Note Buyers Group (NBG)The Note Buyers Group meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM at Olive Garden located at 2467 Cobb Parkway SE in Smyrna about 1/2 mile from I-285. If you are a new investor, this is a great opportunity to pick up pointers on what to do and what not to do when investing in notes. Atlanta REIA Members can attend at no charge. Read more >>

Thursday, March 1st @ 1:30 PM in Sandy Springs, GA
Haves & Wants Weekly Meeting
Hosted by Joe Thompson

Joe ThompsonHaves and Wants is a weekly investor's networking, brainstorming and deal making jam session hosted by Joe Thompson and held every Thursday at 5 Seasons Brewing located at 5600 Roswell Rd (map) inside the Perimeter at the "Prado" in Sandy Springs from 1:30 PM till approximately 3:00 PM. This group is all about doing deals and making money right now. If you are a real estate player or want to be, this is one meeting you don't want to miss! Come out and eat, drink, network and do some deals with us!

Thursday, March 1st @ 7 PM on GoToWebinar.com

Kathy KennebrookOn Thursday, March 1st at 7PM ET, the Marketing Magic Lady, Kathy Kennebrook, will be with us to share her secrets on how she generates a seven figure income using her unique direct mail strategies to locate qualified motivated sellers and buyers, how she automates the follow up, and her buying process. She's going to teach you how to do the same thing without licking a single stamp. She's also going to teach you how you can automate the offer making and follow up process with these motivated sellers without ever leaving your desk.

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You are going to learn:

  • How to carve a unique niche market for yourself that other investors simply don't know about.
  • How to create a flexible marketing plan so you can make boatloads of money in your real estate business no matter what your market is doing.
  • How to implement a dummy proof, affordable and efficient "cookie cutter" system that will have motivated sellers practically begging you to take their properties off their hands.
  • How to automate your systems including the offer making process and selling your properties quickly. This one nugget alone can save you hundreds of hours and earn you thousands of dollars each year.
  • How to turn small marketing dollars into BIG profits with minimal effort and HUGE results!
  • And much more...

This is going to be an incredible session where Kathy is going to share all of her insider secrets of the ins and outs of buying and selling houses quickly no matter what your real estate market is doing. Kathy has a lot of material to cover, so be sure to have a pen and paper handy to take lots of notes. Register Now or Read more→

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I hope to see you at one of our meetings or networking events soon!

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