Listings on Craigslist getting Flagged/Deleted?

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***UPDATED DISCLOSURE: I had an interesting phone call yesterday from New York. A gentleman had seen this blog here on Active Rain and was hoping to find out more from me... reasons why his ads were being flagged and removed from craigslist. Please note that I am not a Craigslist Employee, nor am I an expert. The information I have regarding posting your ads on Craigslist quite simply comes from their rules & regulations: ***

Ok... so recently I posted an entirely non-Real Estate related want ad for a yorkie on Craigslist, only to find it had been flagged/deleted the next day. It got me wondering ... HOW???? WHY????? WHO??????

FOR CLARIFICATION PURPOSES (since I keep getting emails from people telling me I probably just broke the rules):IN THE TERMS OF CL, NO WHERE DOES IT SAY YOU CAN NOT POST A PETS WANTED AD. IN FACT IT IS NOT AGAINST THE RULES. Even the people flagging your listing will tell you it's NOT against the rules... they just don't want it there. Simply put, there are people who spend almost their entire day removing these posts because they "feel" it encourages underhanded sales of animals.... again... NOT against the rules...

This flows in to our Real Estate ads as well. It is NOT against the rules for Realtors to place their listings on CL. AGAIN... it is left in the hands of people that "feel" CL should be for NON Professional use. Private homeowners only....

So I dug a little:

Can you believe it? There are forums specifically made for users to encourage other users to FLAG your posts!!! Granted, if you are NOT following CL rules and are posting MORE than one ad every 2-3 days... you are violating the terms and conditions.... but occasionally ours disappear regardless.

So has your ad been flagged and deleted? Here's why: (NOTE THAT ALL OF THE LINKS ARE NOT REAL ESTATE RELATED IN THIS FLAGGING FORUM)

At this site:  SCROLL to the bottom and there is a list of FLAGGING FORUMS.

Just thought you'd like to know this is how some folks spend their day :-)


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Tricia Flicker-Miller
Cressy & Everett Real Estate - Elkhart, IN
Cressy & Everett
Sometimes I get so irritated that people have nothing better to do than to try and make someone else's life miserable.  That's ridiculous to flag a post for removal simply because you didn't want it there.  I don't think that trend has really hit my area yet, but I will definetly pay closer attention to my posts on there from now on.  Thanks for the heads up!
Apr 03, 2008 11:32 AM #36
You're kidding me right?

Oh.  My.   God.   CRY ME A RIVER!!!  All of you RE spammers actually think you are the injured parties??  I have been looking for an apartment in my small town for several weeks now.  Everyday it is the same thing: how many bullshit ads do I have to wade through before finding a "real" one?!? 

If you are posting an 800-number in your ad: you are a spammer.  If you are posting ads in the craigslist of a neighboring city even though your city has its own craigslist: you are a spammer.  If you are posting an ad that is obviously too good to be true, just to increase your call volume and upsell to what you actually have to offer: you are a spammer.  If you are re-posting an ad for the explicit purpose of re-appearing at the top of the list: by god, you are not just a spammer, you are used toilet paper!!!  Craigslist spam is no different than the email spam that you yourself find so despicable.  You waste our time, and what is much worse, you increase the probability of us missing that one good ad we've been looking for.

If you're posting RE commercially, and not spamming in any of the ways above, that's great.  You're wonderful.  But you all know that more of you are guilty than innocent.


May 23, 2008 07:32 PM #37
Chad Baird
Re/Max Spirit - Dayton, OH

I flag in the RE section often.  I see many properties posted by Realtors that are listed in the MLS.  Thats fine, but the add needs to clearly show that you are a Realtor and needs to include a Brokerage name as well.  Some of the adds are kind of vauge and deceptive. 

Craigslist is a free site and rules need to be followed.  So some nights the kids are in bed, I will put my headphones on, crank the music, crack a beer and go hunting for rule breakers and flag away.  It's up to the members to police each other on this site. 

May 24, 2008 04:37 AM #38
You don't have a life if you find time to flag

You need to enjoy life and find a date or something. If your married you need entertain him so he don't look on the erotic service section for a nice sweet busty girl. Its said when al people have to do is make other people life stressful. GET A DAMN LIFE WILL YA!

Aug 01, 2008 02:24 AM #39

Here is the flagging site many use to flag your adds guys

Nov 18, 2008 10:13 PM #40

here is the site that may are using to flag good ads

Nov 18, 2008 10:15 PM #41
Gita Bantwal
RE/MAX Centre Realtors - Warwick, PA
REALTOR,ABR,CRS,SRES,GRI - Bucks County & Philadel

Thanks for the post. I had no idea that they have forums for flagging posts. I enjoyed Sandra's comments.

Nov 18, 2008 10:35 PM #42
One thing thats obvious...........CL flaggers are NO different than any other websites that discriminates and then states private ownership as the RIGHT to discriminate. Spammers are one thing, but flagging because someone thinks the PRICE is too high? Then don't buy it!. Leave a message for others that there are cheaper prices, but being able to REMOVE IT? You can post about wanting to suck massive amount of c**ck and its just fine, but make a penny more than what THEY want? Get used to this folks, its on the internet now, I got a sinking feeling its just a preview of life in these states real soon.
Dec 02, 2008 12:49 AM #43

I don't know what their deal is with this.  They say for a listing to be removed it has to be flagged multiple times (though there's no specification as to how many) and by different users everytime.  What do they get together decide on a listing and attack it??? I've had listings for clothes, purses etc. flagged within minutes and there's nothing wrong with it, so either they're being targeted by these flag happy idiots or you can just keep flagging until an ad is removed even if it's from the same account.  It's extremely frustrating b/c I try to use CL to sell instead of pay the fees on feebay and Overstock but it's near impossible when you seem to get people who run it and just don't want your listings up.

Dec 07, 2008 09:16 AM #44
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Jan 03, 2009 06:18 PM #45
Andrew Monaghan
The Monaghan Group - Glendale, AZ
CRS, GRI, EPro Associate Broker

There are thought police all over the place, it amazes me that there is a organized effort to prevent the use of Craig's list ti sell items.


Jan 04, 2009 06:32 AM #46
I am sitting back laughing at the realtor that made this post and every realtor who commented on this post. As your self when was the last time you PAID for any internet advertisement. You are all bitching about something you are getting 100% FREE.
Feb 14, 2010 04:31 AM #47

I own a company too, with branches all over the US, and my competitors are flagging my ads everywhere the ad has no charge. I guess that if you pay they have a harder time of removing your ad, because they would have to prove that you are doing something in violation of their rules, or give the money back. Anyway, I just thought of a good idea for getting craigslist's attention to what competition or some times just kids are doing. Take your cellphone and drive around hooking up with various wifi signals, and flag as many ads as you can. If they see that too many ads are getting flagged, they will be forced to come up with a better method. One other thing that I should mention is that Ebay and Craigslist are still suing each other, and the only advantage that craigslist has is public opinion. If they keep allowing these kinds of activities they are going to remove any advantage that they still have. Also keep in mind that Ebay is a company with no morals at all. They constantly are removing ads and closing people's accounts, with no reason at all. If they even think that you are doing something wrong they shut down the ad. So fighting a company like that is not going to be easy. Ebay has already had thousands of suits against it, but Ebay always wins. They also bought part of carigslist, learned how they do it, and then started their own service. Ebay is too big and if craingslist stands any chance of winning they need to fix this. And personally I feel that Ebay will win, regardless of who is right or wrong. Money is power, and if you have money and are ruthless you will always win, unless it gets too much media attention

Jun 05, 2010 09:36 AM #48

I too have had trouble on craigslist.  I also have seen many ads flagged that did not need flagging.  In California and Colorado, many Craigslist users have their ads flagged and removed simply for being about gardening equipment or medical marijuana, which are legal by voter initiatives in these states.  I do not feel it is the right of a small user base to decide what can be bought and sold even when those things are not against the site rules of craigslist.  Whether it's a competitors real estate business someone is unrightfully flagging, or a medical patients gardening equipment, I do not feel it is fair or right to allow these practices.

Jul 06, 2011 09:48 AM #49
Paul Gapski
Berkshire Hathaway / Prudential Ca Realty - El Cajon, CA
619-504-8999,#1 Resource SD Relo

thank you very much for the informative and interesting post. I get so much out of the active rain network.

Mar 09, 2012 10:46 PM #50
Patrick Miller

Here is another tool that many of the people use for flagging ads on CL 

Mar 03, 2013 07:51 PM #51

I had my ads flagged down constantly on Craigslist so I decided to fight back by spamming myself I post as many ads as I can and then flag all my competitors. This seems to be working for me since all my ads are starting to stay up now so I just keep spamming away and I would suggest you give this tactic a try!

Mar 23, 2013 03:09 AM #52
MaryBeth Mills Muldowney
TradeWinds Realty Group LLC - Braintree, MA
Massachusetts Broker Owner

Excellent post, we are having a great deal of trouble with Craigslist postings being scams in Massachusetts for rentals and sales, many are leary of the site for such adventures.


Mar 29, 2015 10:52 PM #53
Sandra Carlisle (Ayers)
Berkshire Hathaway California Properties - Newport Beach, CA
Real Estate Marketing & Sales

I understand, we are having the same issues increasing this last year....  It's one of the cautions that I give my potential tenants.  Also having a problem with Trulia having a lot of scams leases.  These people are brazen and will steal your photos and add a listing at half price.  Insane.

Apr 10, 2015 09:01 AM #54
Ads Flagger

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Jul 20, 2018 11:18 AM #55
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