Foreclosures Listings - FREE - no subscription

Services for Real Estate Pros is a new, completely FREE foreclosure listings website. Additionally the the data on is comparable if not better with well-established (subscription based) foreclosure listings websites like RealtyTrac or According to there are more than 1 million listings nationwide, the city with the most foreclosures being Las Vegas, NV and the state with the most distressed properties being California (aproximately 160K at the time of this article).

I'm sure there are a lot of you that were waiting for a FREE qualitative foreclosure listings service where you don't have to give up your credit card information for a few days trial. I personally find the idea (or the trick) of giving up your credit card information for the purposes of a trial annoying.

A qualitative free foreclosure service that challenges the monopoly of subscription based foreclosure websites was long overdue. I hope it helps and good hunting !

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