A Del Ray Chanukah, Christmas & a Druid's solstice fire for Yule

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AHHHHH the joys of December! Leaves have all been swept and (choose one) bagged, sucked up, turned to compost, tossed over the fence. Thanksgiving is just a warm memory of leftovers and your family has blissfully go home.

Now it is time for part "2" of the holiday extravaganza. You can have Chanukah or Christmas or both. My family does. This year we are having a Druid join our family. So let us light that the Menorah, spin the dradle and go out for Chinese. We will trim the Christmas tree and as the Christian grandchildren wander off it will be the Jewish granddaughter who will finish the job. Then we'll finish it up by by painting our faces blue and worshiping an oak tree! O.K. maybe not that last part; but, we will respect our Druid's way of bringing back the light on the 22st as he celebrates Yule.

The point is that just like the people here in Del Ray who embrace all the cultures and diversities that they offer, we respect each others beliefs and side dishes. And, that makes for a Very Merry What Ever it is you are having.                  

                                     So merry wishes to all that we are, and all that we celebrate

                                     And, may we live up to those expectations all the year long.            


Terri Hattaway
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Thanks Carol.

Most people think that Chanukah is the Jewish Xmas.  Actually it is a celebration of religious freedom.  I guess that makes it more of a Jewish Thanksgiving. 

It is amazing how much pain is created by religious intolerance.  If we are all supposed to be alike, think alike, act alike and believe alike, I think that is how we would have been created.  And wouldn't that be dull?  Your eclectic family sounds fun! 



Dec 22, 2008 12:30 PM