Krum & Rayzor Ranch, Denton Real Estate Boom Grows!

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3 Phrases: Krum TX, Rayzor Ranch, Denton Real Estate.

That sums up the new hot spot for real estate in Denton, Texas. We first broke the story on Rayzor Ranch Town Center just over 18 months ago on  Today we have the latest information and link to the Rayzor Ranch project on our websites.

North Denton has not seen a real estate expansion this big since "Idiot's Ville" 35 years ago. Anyone building a new home in Denton north of University was called an "idiot" because it was so far away from the city. My, how times have changed!

It is an immediate and long-lasting impact for a giant retail center at the intersection of Highway 380 and HWY I-35 in Denton, TX to just start moving dirt. It will be a huge benefit for Denton County Real Estate.

And then you have the little town of Krum Texas. Population of less than 5,000 right in the path of growth. Krum ISD has had an influx of children over the past 5 years with the Krum real estate boom and is building a new elementary school as well as a Foootball Team with the recent passing of a Krum ISD Bond.