Krum Real Estate, Krum Realtors, The Krum-ians Demand Development

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I have lived in Krum Texas for the past 5 years and it it time for Krum Realtors to speak out. Our town of Krum Texas is prime for growth with the 2 Subdivisions of Eaglechase in Krum and Saddlebrook in Krum TX selling like hotcakes.

The Sam's and Wal-Mart at Rayzor Ranch will be very convenient only 4 miles away, but we do need more Krum real estate tax revenue to stay in Krum. I am proposing a Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market right here in our town of Krum.

Krum is on the Google Map, not because of "Krum Bum" or "Victor Krum" from Harry Potter - we as Krum-ians will no longer be silenced. Krum Realtors are in agreement, Krum Real Estate needs a good mix of residential and retail and there is a limited supply of land in Krum!