Allen Real Estate, Now or Never (more expensive or not possible)

Real Estate Agent with Builder Coupon LLC

Calling all Allen Real Estate buyers sitting on the fence. The planets are aligning right now for Allen MLS Specials:

1. NBC Brian Williams Media Scare Tactics, "The Sky is Falling"... has made buyers feel that there is no hope for a mortgage so why bother...

2. Employment in DFW is UP

3. Interest Rates are DOWN

4. Allen Builders: Inventory is UP, partly because of #1


5. Mortgage are still available. The 80/20 loan went away but 95% financing is still available with good credit. If you have marginal credit or need 100% financing, there is a window of opportunity until March when DPA down payment assistance programs are taken away.

That means if you want Allen Real Estate or a New Home in Allen, the clock is ticking and you need to close before March unless Congress decideds to stop what they have already set in motion!