Denton Foreclosures, Maybe 1 or 2 (hundred): Denton Realtor Report

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Denton Foreclosure Report: Attention all deal shoppers, some of the best deals are coming as a result of Denton Foreclosures. The Denton Real Estate has been an interesting market this year - actually strong (holding steady with incremental increases) for the first 3 quarters but now we are having more than the usual Holiday slump since October.

One factor is the amount of Foreclosures in Denton Texas. Another factor is an abundance of new homes that are available for move-in from Denton Texas Builders. And then you have the group of resells listed in the Denton MLS for 90 days or longer that are ready to move their properties.

In the past few weeks, I have actually found some of the best deals Denton MLS deals with new home builders in Denton Texas and surrounding areas of Denton County (MLS) trying to compete with the prices of aggressive resells and Denton Texas Foreclosure prices from lenders that are just trying to recoup the outstanding balance.

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We also have a few great deals in slightly older communities such as Sundown Ranch in Denton.


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