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I can't begin to tell you some of the horror stories going on in the mortgage business.  I pride myself on integrity and putting my client's needs first.  This business is hard enough without the negative stigma brought on by the bad Loan Agents out there.  There are so many Agents out there putting their client's in harms way.  Unlicensed Agents also cause many of these problems.  It seems as though they are in this business for the quick buck.  They put people in bad loans to get huge rebates.  Then they exit the business.  This is crazy to me.  How can these people sleep at night?  I have met with 5 Spanish speakers in the last month alone, that have been taken advantage of.  I tried everything I can do, short of getting them a lawyer.  I just can't help them due to the lack of equity in the home, or the prepayment penalties.  These borrowers were put into programs that in no way benefitted them.  They were put in situations that were doomed from the beginning.  I want to help those potential client's get needed help.  We must keep educating our client's, while steering them away from the bad seeds.  There are very good Agents out there that should be getting the business.  I look forward to the day when the negative stigma leaves our business, and the bad Agents are dealt with.  A person's home is their most prized possession.  It is our job to make sure that they are in a loan program that benefits them.  I look forward to hearing from the Loan Officers out there.  Please share some of the horror stories you have encountered. 

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