Is Spam and Bulk Emails Slowing your response to customers ?

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In this article I'd like to cover 2 areas. When is an email SPAM ? and What can you do about it ?

I recently spent an hour or so on the phone with a web host discussing when is an email spam and they explained the following to me.

It is a very grey area, we discussed the obvious like all of the gambling, phishing, pharmacy etc. that's going around, but then we got onto subjects like link exchanges, genuine business propositions etc. The response back from the web host that any email will be regarded as spam if the recipient decides it is, if they report it as spam it will be treated as such and dealt with like that. This in fact means that if you decide that a newsletter or some such thing that you signed up for is SPAM the web host will treat it as such. Currently I must be getting about around 1500 a day, of what I regard as genuine spam, these also include the nasty responses from people who think I'm sending SPAM, when in fact it's some real spammers using fake headers that point to my server, even though the IP addresses don't match.

So what can you do ?

Well you can ignore it and just delete it each day, like the majority of the world, this isn't really a solution and likely means you spend hours each day ploughing through and at least looking at everyone.

You can report each one to the host where they appear to be coming from ...... Hmmm, also not very practical, you'd spend your whole life checking and reporting SPAM.

You can use a service like SPAMARREST, this has proved very effective for us, and way better than any SPAM filter on a mail box. What this does is it retrieves your emails from your mail box, if they are on your allowed this it automatically posts them through to you, if they are not it send another email asking the person to enter a code, basically confirming that they are a real person. Most people don't mind this and will just enter the code, the email is then forwarded to you. What this does do is quarantines the emails where people don't confirm, if doesn't delete them, you can go back and eyeball them if you want to. This does in fact ensure that you get to see the emails that are important and sent by a real person or the people that on your allowed list, not perfect, but much better than the excessive number of emails we are all receiving everyday.

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Rob you are correct.  Spam emails do slow me down sometimes.  If I am away from my email for a few hours, when I get back I have to sift through tons of garbage.  I wish they would make a "no spam" list.  LOL
Dec 27, 2006 07:12 AM
Tricia Jumonville
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The only problem with programs like Spamarrest is that a lot of people, if they are responding to something you've advertised, when confronted with that will take offense or get suspicious of YOU and will simply move on rather than going through the process.  You say that "most" people don't mind, but in my online travelings I hear from a lot of them that do - it's just that YOU don't hear from them, so you think they don't mind when in fact they've taken their business elsewhere.  So I'd be wary of having that on my business email. 


Dec 27, 2006 07:44 AM
marti garaughty - Montreal, QC
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Hi Rob... I found programs like Spam Arrest help spotting spam but unfortunately I still have to sort thru the emails because it sometimes flags legitimate messages. The only real cure for spam is charging a small fee(even 1 cent or less) to send emails.
Dec 28, 2006 03:26 AM


if you use Spam Arrest and use their SMTP server anyone you send email to is pre-authorized.



Mar 03, 2007 01:26 PM
I had been a loyal and paying customer of Spamarrest for some time, recently their service has been erratic and I lost a number of important messages. After not receiving adequate support I decided to cancel my recently renewed account and asked for a refund of the unused portion. Here is their response:
Hi David,

Thanks once again.

David, I am very sorry to tell you that we are not able to offer you a refund for your account. You may continue to use your Spam Arrest account till 2008-10-01 by reactivating the account.

I truly apologize for your inconvenience, David. Please do let me know if you need anything else.

Best Regards,
Technical Support Specialist
Spam Arrest

Dec 05, 2007 11:13 AM
tadd red
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Thank you for the info! It was of good help to me ;)

Dec 21, 2009 10:51 PM
1~Judi Barrett
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Rob, ran across this older post of yours.  Spam emails continue to plague us with no REAL answer.  I mark all new spam as a spam sender so that the same email address won't hit me again but it doesn't slow anything down... I am very reluctant to use a service like spam arrest because I don't want inquirers about property to have to go through verifying that they are not spam... 

Dec 29, 2009 10:54 PM