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Chelsea is located between 34th Street and Greenwich Village on the West Side. Chelseais largely a residential area with a varied mix of high-and mid-rise buildings, brownstones and industrial lofts. The architecture in this area is unique. East of Ninth Avenue, the spacious and stylish loft warehouses give way to stunning landmark townhouses, prewar co-ops and new luxury high-rise buildings.

For many years Chelsea was the heart of the Garment and Flower districts until recently. Chelsea today is one of the city's hottest zip codes and coolest neighborhoods. It is now considered a fashionable place to live, it began in the early 1800's as a family farm, it became more commercial later that century with the arrival of an above ground railroad.

Chelsea Landmarks and History: Chelsea's origins date back to 1750 and the neighborhood has seen a lot of change since its days as farmland. Chelsea was the city's first theater district, and was a fashionable shopping district. The famous Barney's specialty store was located at 17th and Seventh Avenue for many years before moving uptown to Madison Avenue. Barney's annual warehouse sale still takes place every winter in Chelsea.

One of the most architecturally distinct pre-war buildings is London Terrace, a 1929 complex that runs the entire block from 23rd to 24th Streets between Ninth Avenue and Tenth Avenue. London Terrace includes a common garden, a pool, and 1,700 units in co-ops (known as the Towers) and rentals (known as the Gardens.) In 1930 London Terrace was the largest apartment complex in NYC and in the world located across the street from the fashionable townhouses and Fitzroy brownstones on "Millionaire's Row"

London Terrace Apartment

West 23rd Chelsea


West 23rd Street







Chelsea Hotel

1938 NYT ad for london terrace Chelsea Hotel (may become condos)


                                                1938 NYTimes AD for London Terrace ->


Chelsea today is a vibrant neighborhood with off Broadway theaters, new cutting edge art galleries, restaurants, bars and pulsating night clubs and discos. The famous landmark  Hotel Chelsea is where many famous artists, writers and musicians have stayed. 

There are many new luxury rental buildings along Sixth Avenue and many new condo developments have been built and are being developed on the far west portion of Chelsea between 10th and 11th Avenues.

Chelsea has also become a hub for media and creative people and high energy businesses. Google recently opened their New York Headquarters in Chelsea, along with numerous ad agencies and media companies and the new Frank Gehry designed glass building on the West Side Highway opposite the Chelsea Piers will be the headquarters for media, e-commerce mogul Barry Diller's Interactive Corp.

The development of Chelsea Piers and the water park has also provided a huge economic boom to the district. Chelsea Piers offers: ice-skating; rock climbing; equestrian endeavors; gymnastics, golf, two restaurants, a marine center, health club, bowling facilities, biking, roller blading and television studios

The High Line Apartments

West Chelsea from 10th Avenue to 11th Avenue, from 16th Street north to 30th Street, is booming with new condo developments that are transforming the once gritty Manhattan neighborhood into a fashionable destination. Most of the new developments will happen around the High Line. New condos with park views.

 The Caledonia

The Caledonia, a 26-story building, at 450 West 17th Street, at 10th Avenue, will have its own entrance to the planned High Line park from the second floor. Prices for the 190 apartments range from $700,000 to more than $4million. The Caledonia will be the first luxury condo with entrances directly to the High Line park.

Caledonia Advertisement



      2006 AD for

     The Caledonia---->






The High Line runs through three of Manhattans most dynamic neighborhoods, Hells Kitchen, West Chelsea and the Meat Packing District. Plans are underway to transform a 6.7acre span of former elevated train track running 22 blocks into an open park.


       Future High Line Park





The High Line at 10th Ave


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Comments (51)

joanne Douglas
Terrie O'Connor Realtors - Ridgewood, NJ
Wonderful post!  I would love to see one on the Flatiron District and the Ladies Historic Mile.  That area is booming too!  My husband and I have a TV post production faciity on 5th Ave/21st street.  I'm sure there's a lot of history there that I don't know about.  
Dec 28, 2006 02:51 AM
Mitchell J Hall
Manhattan, NY
Lic Associate RE Broker - Manhattan & Brooklyn

Thanks Joanne,

Flatiron and the Ladies Historic mile is also a great neighborhood with a great history too. OK I have my blogs cut out for me. What is the name of your TV post production facility? I was in Television before real estate. I worked at Channel 13 and The Hollywood Reporter.

Dec 28, 2006 03:02 AM
Brian Brady
San Diego VA Home Loans/858-777-9751 - San Diego, CA

 McSorley's is in the Village (my next report)

I await that report with eager anticipation.  My favorite pub in my favorite neighborhood of the Apple. 

Dec 28, 2006 04:03 PM
joanne Douglas
Terrie O'Connor Realtors - Ridgewood, NJ

Magnetic Post Production  we're at 149 Fifth.  (same building as Sound Lounge)  been around since 1990 which is pretty much unheard of in our business.  

We do a lot of work for JWT, PR agencies in the pharma industry, 800 Mattress since they were Dial-A-Mattress... lots of local car commercials, work for The HIstory Channel, Discovery, Warner Bros. MSNBC --- if you watch TV, you've seen our work!  
Dec 29, 2006 04:45 AM
"The Lovely Wife" (Broker Bryantnulls Wife) The One And Only TLW.
President-Tutas Towne Realty, Inc. - Kissimmee, FL

Pssst...It's us. Happy New To You...Sorry we think it sounds better without the Year. SVW.

Last year's words belong to last year's language and next year's words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning. "T.S. Eliot"

From Broker Bryant and The Lovely Wife...Wishing You a Good New. ROAR!

Dec 30, 2006 12:33 PM
Laurie Manny
Long Beach CA Real Estate - Long Beach, CA

Mitchell, Your local posts are a tribute to local marketing at it's finest.  This article is still "stellar" the second time around. 


Feb 27, 2007 07:00 AM
Carole Cohen
Howard Hanna Cleveland City Office - Cleveland, OH
Realtor, ePRO
Yes Laurie this one was quite the wonderful post; it was fun to revisit it and pretend I was there - again! The Stock Market plunged today; this is why I say, buy a place in Chelsea, much more stable investment lol
Feb 27, 2007 07:22 AM
Mitchell J Hall
Manhattan, NY
Lic Associate RE Broker - Manhattan & Brooklyn

Hey Laurie & Carole,

Thank you. I just noticed this post featured. I was suprised considering I wrote a new one about Hells Kitchen last night. I should change the numbers from 3Q 06 to 4Q 06

Stock market plunging today should make real estate hot in the rest of the country by Spring. It is already Hot here.

Feb 27, 2007 08:54 AM
Mitchell J Hall
Manhattan, NY
Lic Associate RE Broker - Manhattan & Brooklyn

I updated the market numbers to add 4th quarter 2006 sales. It is interesting to note that Chelsea median sales prices for co-ops and condos actually went down 26.4% from 4th Quarter 2005 to 4th Quarter 2006.

In 4Q-05 the median sale prices for co-ops and condos was $999,000 vs. 4Q-06 $735,000.

4Q-05 average sales price: $1,061,966 vs 4Q-06 prices: $992,465 ( -6.5%)

Now is such a great time to buy. The market has been heating up, but there is good inventory out there. The Caledonia is almost sold out, it is not scheduled until fall 2008. People are buying however
Real Estate is a long term investment it should be held minimum 3 to five years.

It's difficult to time the stock market or the real estate market. I also think these market median numbers have to be taken with a grain of salt.

A chelsea condo I sold in 2005 has gone up 15% the numbers reported are median so one multi million $ sale can distort the median sales prices. Median is just that, not all apartment sale prices go up or down in sync there are too many variables.

Feb 27, 2007 09:57 AM
joanne Douglas
Terrie O'Connor Realtors - Ridgewood, NJ

Great info.  

I might actually shift my looking from Flatiron to Chelsea.  

Feb 27, 2007 01:06 PM
Jeff Belonger
Social Media - Infinity Home Mortgage Company, Inc - Cherry Hill, NJ
The FHA Expert - FHA Loans - FHA mortgages - USDA loans - VA Loans
Mitchell.....  excellent post with some great information. You really do a great job marketing your local areas.  And it's actually interesting to read also...
Feb 27, 2007 01:33 PM
Carole Cohen
Howard Hanna Cleveland City Office - Cleveland, OH
Realtor, ePRO
Mitchell from your mouth to god's ears lol  
Feb 27, 2007 02:42 PM
Mitchell J Hall
Manhattan, NY
Lic Associate RE Broker - Manhattan & Brooklyn

Joanne, Both neighborhoods are great and within blocks of each other. Have you seen the O'Neill Building on 6th Ave? The Ladies Mile Landmark department store is now spectacular condos.

Jeff, Thanks for stopping by I appreciate the comment.

Carole, I'm quoting Jim Cramer on "Mad Money" about the real estate market.

Feb 28, 2007 12:04 AM
Mitchell J Hall
Manhattan, NY
Lic Associate RE Broker - Manhattan & Brooklyn

The O'Neill Building 655 Sixth Avenue - Flat Iron/Chelsea


Feb 28, 2007 07:02 AM
Carole Cohen
Howard Hanna Cleveland City Office - Cleveland, OH
Realtor, ePRO
omg that place is gorgeous
Feb 28, 2007 10:03 AM
Mitchell J Hall
Manhattan, NY
Lic Associate RE Broker - Manhattan & Brooklyn
That picture doesn't even do it justice. It is quite magnificent in person.
Feb 28, 2007 10:49 AM
Carole Cohen
Howard Hanna Cleveland City Office - Cleveland, OH
Realtor, ePRO
Nice video :-)
Jul 04, 2007 04:29 AM
Laurie Manny
Long Beach CA Real Estate - Long Beach, CA

kewl :) like the video, nice addition.


Happy Independence Day 

Jul 04, 2007 06:39 AM
Does anyone know where I can find a great picture of the O'Neill Building?
Sep 24, 2007 08:30 AM
Oct 11, 2007 12:41 AM