Immigrants guide to homeownership in America

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Immigrants guide to homeownership in America

Every buyer created equal? In today's subprime crisis and ARM-crisis-to-be environment people will laugh on this statement. Many potential buyers are suffering from new tough mortgage rules. 

Happily, nothing really changed for recent immigrants. They are created equal, they are experiencing the same problems: lack of credit history or short history, lack of funds for down payment, confusion over the mortgage and other Real Estate terms, confusion over apparent language bareer, lack of experience, abundance of so called "advisors", mostly of not-so-successful or kind-of-jealous friends and relatives. 

As an immigrant who left Russia for America 9 years ago, who earned Real Estate license 8 years ago and who started new multi-cultural, multi-lingual Real Estate company Local-n-Global Realty in Greater Cleveland, OH few months ago, I am very proud to announce that we in Local-n-Global Realty compiled a new valuable source of Real Estate related information for fellow recent or not so recent immigrants in America.

Do not be confused or scared! Immigrants are in a better position than ever. Inventory is rich, sellers are a little bit more reasonable, lenders have programs for people with no credit score or short credit history, interest rates are very decent, job market is o.k. What a chance to make your American dream come true!

Please refer to Local-n-Global Immigrants Guide to homeownership in U.S. and make a move!



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