Does Your Flood Insurance, Cover Everything?

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Recently the area of the country I live in his had an abundance of rainfall.  Because of unexpected growth and careless city planning, there are certain city streets and whole neighborhoods that become completely flooded each time it rains.  The aftermath of the flooding is terrible.  The basic structure of many homes and other buildings is compromised.  Some have to be torn down and completely rebuilt.  Others, where the damage seems not to be as severe, require lengthy and expensive reclamation.  Most people focus on getting their homes or businesses back to a livable condition so that they can continue on with their lives.

          Some people are more prepared for these disasters than others because they looked ahead or were fortunate enough to be able to protect their property with flood insurance.  The economic problems we’ve faced in our country have caused some companies who offer homeowners’ or business insurance to remove flood insurance coverage as a way to save money.  I can attest to this personally because when my home coverage was about to renew two years ago, I was sent a letter saying that I would get a small decrease in the cost and the same coverage except that flooding would no longer be covered.  No one in my neighborhood has ever had a flooding problem, so I was tempted to accept the change and go on, but I remembered seeing streets in other places flooded, so I changed to a new insurance company.

          While I’m sure it’s a great relief to have flood insurance when your home is partially or completely destroyed by flooding, there is one aspect of flood insurance that many people totally overlook—the question of mold.  I would venture to say that most people have not thought to check with their insurance company to see if damage caused by mold is covered.  Most people are so glad that their property insurance covers flooding that they completely forget to check about mold.  It’s an especially serious problem because it can affect not only property values but the health of those who live and work there.  Also, a problem with mold may not show up immediately after flooding.  Mold is notorious for hiding within walls or in parts of your home where it cannot be spotted easily.

          If you haven’t checked to see exactly what is covered by your insurance, you should probably look into it. Getting a quote back from a mold inspection can be daunting enough depending on the extent of the damage, but getting it back without insurance backing you can be a downright nightmare.

Do you have a Sewage Back Up endorsement on your insurance policy? Do you have any other supplemental insurance in case you have a time of loss?  Do you even know what your home owners insurance policy reads or states?  Not many can read or understand there policy so make sure you understand, your coverage.  Understand what you have and do not have.  For example, what happens if your power goes out and you lose one thousand dollars worth of meat, for example from your freezer or refrizerator?  Just some questions to ask and to know about so the next time you talk to your sales rep who works for the insurance company that you are educated enough to know what to ask and what to get.

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