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A friend of mine is going through a rough time. He lost his job, his unemployment ran out and now he is losing his home. He calls me often for 'pep talks' and to help him figure out what to do. Today, it was a different conversation and I thought I would share it, with hopes that it may help someone else in a similar situation.


Years ago, I would always call my family or close friends when I was going through a crises. I would explain all my problems and cry on their shoulders. But I learned that doing that really doesn't help or solve anything. It's not that people don't care about you or love you. But everyone else has their own issues in life to deal with. And at best, they usually can only offer you opinions. Then you will find that if you don't follow their suggestions, they become irritated with you and wonder why you even asked them to listen in the first place. Dennis Waitley says " Never tell other people your problems, because 80% of them don't care, and the other 20% are glad you have them".

What I have found is that the answers we need are usually inside ourselves. We either don't want to listen to our inner self, or we are looking for an 'easy out' and there usually is no such thing. One of the reasons we cannot decide what to do is that we are not listening. We fill up our ears with music, television, and other noise every minute we are awake and then we wonder why God doesn't answer us.
There's a verse in the Bible that says, "Be Still, and know that I am God.". I've discovered that it's only in the quiet times that we can 'hear' God, and 'hear' the inner voice of our souls for the answers and ideas to solve our problems.

Last year when I was going through some very major changes in my life, I spent many hours sitting alone on the beach being quiet. No phone, no music, and no company. It still amazes me how I literally saw God speak to me through the smallest of things. It's where I got my best ideas, my focus, and healing for my heart and my spirit. This is where God showed me that He was with me, and guiding me. And He did it in the most insignificant way that I am sure no one else on the beach saw it but me. That's what made it so special.

My 'pep talk' today for my friend was for him to go and find a quiet, peaceful place with a pad and pen. To pray and meditate and let the answers come. Make a list of things to do and ideas that come to mind. Then take action, even a small step forward will provide a sense of accomplishment that the train is now moving in the right direction.

Everyone has people in their life that cares about them. But when it's all said and done no one is going to take care of you, but you. If you don't take charge of your life, no one else will. If you don't create your own plan and take action on it, no one else will do it for you. 'Put yourself first' is a phrase that really doesn't mix with well with 'think about others', and 'it's not all about YOU'. However, if you don't take care of yourself first, you have nothing to offer anyone else.



After my morning pep talk with my friend, I put on my short pants & flip flops. I grabbed my camera and headed off for a brisk walk on the beach in the sunshine. I too, have a busy day and a full schedule. But I figure, if I can't take 30 minutes from this day and have personal time to meditate and listen....then I am just too busy.

~~ENJOY your day!

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Leslie G. Rojohn
MoonDancer Realty - Sylva, NC
GRI, ABR ~ MoonDancer Realty

There are so many admonitions from all cultures to do exactly as you are saying.  Yes, we do need to be there for our friends, family, clients.  But if we're not there for ourselves first, we won't be any good for anyone else.  "To thy own self be true." In the end, we live and die alone. 

Feb 28, 2012 04:17 AM
Kimberly Luna
Panama City Beach, FL

Thank you Leslie..I love that quote!

Feb 28, 2012 04:58 AM