Why Do I Need A HOME?

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Have you ever stopped to reflect on why you have or want a home?  As a Real Estate agent, it is my priviledge to help others through the process of selling and finding their perfect home.  Some people are selling their current home in order to find another home in a different location, one that's larger, with a bigger yard, smaller, with less yard or just different features.  Some are relocating to a different area. Some people are looking to buy a home. It may be your first home, your last home, a step before your last home, or a new home because you relocated.  But whatever the case, there are certain things that attract you to certain homes.  But no matter where you are in life, everyone needs a HOME.  In such a fast-paced society, we get very busy with life and often forget the reason we have or want a home.  Home is more than where you sleep and eat, more than how much square footage or number of bedrooms you have and more than if you have a big yard or not.  HOME is Having the Opportunity to create Memories from Every circumstance! Think about it. Home is the place where you bandage your son's knee when he scrapes it up, where you talk with your teenager about the right decisions to make in life, where you learn to love your husband even though he leaves his clothes in the floor for a week.  Home is where you comfort your children when their dog Max gets hit by a car, where your best friend comes when he gets a new job and wants to share his enthusiasm, where you retreat on a Sunday afternoon with a good book.  Life is full of events in life, some good and some bad.  How we respond to those events, even the small ones, determines whether the memories are good or bad.  Either way, life takes place at home and you Have the Opportunity to create Memories from Every circumstance!

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