How Long Can You Afford to Not Know

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Seth Godin wrote a blog post called, Ashamed to not know" and it is bound to be an instant classic. The concept is simple - things change when we're embarrassed about it. It's embarrasing to sit outside your office smoking a cigarette. As a result, fewer people smoke cigarettes. As a society, we've made it publicly shameful to be a racist (one of Seth's examples).

At what point will it be shameful to not know?

  • To not know which of your marketing strategies produces the best result
  • To not know what inbound internet marketing is
  • To not know what seo services exist
  • To not know how to track your TRUE web visit-to-lead conversion rate

My guess is that the day is coming. In the 'not so distant' past, you had to visit a library if you wanted to know something. A side benefit of the content marketing revolution (do you know what content marketing is?) is that the library now comes to you!

Think about it...

How many e-books, marketing tips and webinars have you been invited to over the past month or two? If you're like most realtors, the answer is, "A LOT!" Grab a sandwich and read a few of them or sit in for a webinar.

Who knows? You might learn a thing or two and avoid the future shame of not knowing!

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