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Real Estate Agent with DH Management
Deluxe Sites: Our most popular Real Estate Agent web site-just $370.00
Comparable sites with the Content, Features and Benefits we offer, will cost you $695.00 to $2000 per year or more.

Deluxe Sites--$370 includes a 15 to 20 page site
* Plus 1 year hosting through Verio, the worlds largest vendor. with 24/7 maintenance and 99.5% uptime.
* Plus Site submission to over 1000 search engines and directories*Deduct $75.00 if your site is hosted elsewhere.
* Free site updates anytime from agent submission
(Domain name registration $10.00 extra)

About your new Site

Your new site will typically have the following in the way of Real Content pages: (Not Links)
(Content is King to both the search engines and your customers. People want real information-not just links to mortgage companies)

1. About Us and/or My services page.
2. Contact us/me (We utilize a short form to build your e-mail lists)
3. General MLS Search (this search shows on your site--this feature is what IDX companies charge $$$extra for)
4. Featured Listings or My Listings (this search shows on your site--this feature is what IDX companies charge $$$extra for)
5. Investors Section (A tab drop down page with 3 to 4 Real estate investment subjects covered-Example 1031-Short sales-etc)
6, Buyers Section (A tab drop down page with 3 to 4 Real estate Buyer subjects covered-Example inspections-Homestead exemption-etc)
7, Sellers Section (A tab drop down page with 3 to 4 Real estate Seller subjects covered-Example Pricing the home to sell-Home staging-etc)
8. Online CMA ( This page includes Text and an easy to fill out form--another way to build your e-mail list)
9. Partner Links (Links to non-competing agents-or business partners--the goal is to increase Google Page rank and help site position)
10. Community Links (Links to local Government and community parks etc)
11. Site map (Large sites need site maps to help customer site navigation)
12. Area Information (This will be a general info page about the city and/or county you are working in)
13. Free Reports Form (This adds a database Email program to your site---#this can only be added if we host the site)
Area Specific Information (see below--these are all popular search terms, people use when investigating an area to relocate to)
14. Arts and Culture
15. Cost of Living
16. Employment
17. Health and medical
18. Recreation
19. Weather
20. A searchable Google Map (this shows inside your site)
External Links (2 to 5 -Typically these go to Mortgage companies-Bogs-Calculators-Generic links-Real Estate News)

Site Development: Your New Deluxe Site includes.

* Development of a site concept, graphics, layout, content and content navigation
styles per agent input
* Site Creation.(15-20 page site)
* Upload and test
* Check SEO keywords and adjust for major search engines
* Submit the site to all major Search Engines and directories (over 1000-includes E-mail verification sheets)
* Provide Site hosting by Verio (the world’s largest server provider with
24/7 site maintenance and 99,9% uptime) at $75.00 extra per year.
*Google xml site map added.
*Google analytics added
*10 E-mail addresses (your
*A comprehensive Database E-mail program (See Below for more Information)
*Lead capture through free reports form
*Contact Forms
*Online CMA Form

Overview  New Agent EZ-Mail management program for Deluxe Sites:
(*This feature is currently only available for Sites that Host with Agent EZ site)

How the E-mail program works:
1. A page is added to your site that offers a user(s) Free information or reports, plus a newsletter if you offer one. 
2. When the user submits the Free Reports form after filling in the information, an email is sent to you about the submission, plus his/her information is automatically added to a database unique to your web site.
3. You then have easy access to your new email list through a secure control panel on your site. Typically it will be
4. Once you have logged into your control panel, you will be able to manually add more e-mail names or import them from other email programs, in addition to the ones automatically added via the free reports form.
5. You can easily send broadcast emails through your control panel.
6. You can easily delete or edit an email name if changes are necessary.
7. You can easily change your password (initially one will be assigned to you)
8. You can easily change the information you want to have as the signature for your emails.
9. If you have a problem or question you are just one click away from a support/help forum plus common FAQ’s to quickly resolve the situation.

The Features and benefits of our deluxe sites are unmatched in the Web industry. The majority of Web site development companies charge $295.00 and up for just a 3 to 5 page web site.
A site comparable to ours in number of content pages and forms will run from $695.00 to $2000.00

Since we are Real Estate agents-we know what works and what doesn't and what buyers really want to see from a site.


1. The first thing is to get your site on the search engine pages-so people can find it.
2. When they do find it-
They are looking at your Online Sales presentation. Meaning, you have just seconds to get their attention and establish yourself as the area expert. This is done by having lots of useful information that speaks directly to your customer.

To submit some basic information so we can get your project underway, click on our Get Started page

If you have more questions please either call-321-956-4003 or email me at or see

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