7 Keys to Building a Short Sale-Targeted Website - Week 1

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Whew…what a week! 



We had 3 Webinars over the last week and have had an amazing response.  I have learned a lot from my Webinar Attendees this past week. There are options out there that they do not realize could help them with their leads, searches, and overall business.  I am trying to develop a way to help each agent dominate in the areas I have some great strategies to share.  As the next few weeks come and go, I am going to share with you the 7 Keys to Building a Short Sale-Targeted Website.  Each week I will provide a step and this will be the first week starting with step 1.

Step 1 – Use visuals and graphics that relate to how distressed homeowners feel and buy a domain name that reflects the message of the site.  Don’t make the homepage graphics all about you – focus on your target group’s emotional mindset instead.  For example, homeowners will relate to the picture of the woman at www.KnoxvilleForeclosureHelp.com and they will say to themselves “that is how I feel.”  The homepage sets the stage for your site visitors to feel comfortable in taking the next step.



I hope you take the next step and follow me through this 7 week process.

Are you looking for a strategy? 



We can always help you pull it all together!



Tricia Andreassen is President/CEO and founder of Pro Step Marketing. She is a recognized leader within the real estate industry as a web marketing strategist and brand strategist. She was a speaker for the 2010 NAR convention on Interfusion marketing and is a speaker with Broker Agent Speakers Bureau, and RIS Media Magazine Monthly Columnist. For two decades she has trained and coached real estate professionals on how to bridge technology, web strategy, traditional marketing and social media strategy into a cohesive marketing plan of attack. For more information, please visit www.ProStepMarketing.com or call 866-799-9888. Pro Step Marketing has created turn-key web marketing systems and short sale marketing strategies as well as multiple marketing campaigns that pulls these elements together so you can focus on real estate.



Pro Step Marketing, located in the Lake Norman town of Denver, NC, provides Real Estate Web Design http://www.ProStepMarketing.com marketing consultation and education services to real estate agents across the country, including logo design, branding services for print and web, website design and development, and implementation of lead generation and search engine optimization. Pro Step Marketing has a team dedicated to pulling all the pieces together so their clients can finally get the results they've always wanted from their real estate marketing strategy.






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