Dropbox - Drop WHAT? An App Realtors can't live without!

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Dropbox - Drop WHAT? An App Realtors just can't live without....
Every dream about doing your business from the beach???  With this new Dropbox application it is more than possible! (If you live in a state like Florida at least)
 Dropbox Doing business on the beach
To put Dropbox very simple - it's like having all of your files everywhere you go! It's a computer program that allows you to save all of your documents, videos, and photos in one place. Then you download the application on your iPhone, iPad, and even Android!
Have an iPad listing presentation that needs minor changes while you're already on your way? Have your assistant make the changes for you, save to Dropbox - and voilà it is ready for you to go on your iPad when you get to the listing with the corrections.
The best part is....it's FREE! When signing up you get 2GB of free storage. There are virtually unlimited perks to using Dropbox!
What are your "ah-ha's" about Dropbox - are you using it?
If not, download Dropbox HERE! What could hurt to try it and see if ya like it...it's free!
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Margaret Goss
@Properties - Winnetka, IL
Chicago's North Shore & Winnetka Real Estate

I have been meaning to do this forever - thanks for the good recommendation and reminder!

Mar 01, 2012 05:49 AM
Norma Toering Broker for Palos Verdes and Beach Cities
Charlemagne International Properties - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Palos Verdes Luxury Homes in L.A.

I began using Dropbox last year and it can be a time saver and a great way to keep everything at your fingertips no matter where you are.

Mar 01, 2012 05:52 AM
David Spencer
Keller Williams Northland - Kansas City, MO
Show Me real estate in Kansas City

You mean you don't prefer the polished 18 page presentation brochure. Just email it to Kinkos and Fedex to the customer. Just tell them your at the beach.

Mar 01, 2012 06:06 AM
Senad Dizdar
cloudHQ - San Francisco, CA


Hi David,

Dropbox is very cool. And Dropbox is an excellent storage service.

For example, you can use Dropbox as a backup destination to backup all your data from other cloud services. For example, if you use Evernote and Google Docs, it might good to backup all notes and Google Docs documents to Dropbox.

So please check out cloudHQ (http://cloudHQ.net) - cloudHQ can backup and sync all your files from Google Docs, Evernote, SugarSync, Box, etc. to Dropbox - even Basecamp projects.


Jul 29, 2012 11:46 PM