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Stock photo by www.freefoto.comAllowing your buyer client to make the decision in the largest investment in life shouldn't be approached through emotions.

If you personally are diving into investments in your own 401k or retirement account with utilizing your Professional Investment Brokers "Due Diligence" reports, you may be in for the shock of your life. My guess is your not.

So why would you expect your clients as their Professional, to make that same mistake you wouldn't allow yourself to make with your investment?

Today's Buyer's market has the client touring more homes then ever. This not only adds a tremendous expense with the price of gas, but also more added time to locate that place they will call home.

Approaching the decision with a "Due Diligence" report, streamlines the process, saving you precious time and gas. Eliminating those un-needed return trips of the same house to refresh the buyers memory will save you valuable dollars in the long run.

By utilizing Walk through Check Lists, provided by the Professional Real-estate agent the need to revisit the same home because the wife thought the home featured brown carpet, while the husband thought it had blue carpet, when in fact if really had grey carpet. It's all on the check list!

Home 4 saleTo narrow down the buyers decision to the correct home that meets their needs will help the Professional gain more referrals. How? You ask.

By providing your buyer with the "Due Diligence" Home Rating program that eliminates any second thoughts and arguments that a couple may have in the final choice. This one of a kind program will have your buyer client bragging to their friends and family on the service you provided them.

Let's use as an example a buyer client that you are working with to locate their Dream Home. The wife is searching for the best kitchen in her eyes. Mean time the husband is focused on the best garage for his toys. Knowing that in the majority of the homes or condo's they will not find these two features in the same property. So who's gonna win the choice? We have all experienced these buyers. If the husband is smart, of course it will be the wife. But will he be happy to live "in" the final choice?

Home 4 sale 2

Now the choice can be made together as each couple should do.

I tour many agent and broker web sites that recommend to the buyer to "Create a Rating System to narrow down the choice" but few provide this valuable service. Why recommend that the buyer comes up with the system? Even the largest broker has it on their web site in the "Real-estate 101" "Buying a Home" of their Buyers Residential section. See number 7.

By providing this service to your buyers, they are able to rate 5-10 features on the way to the next showing. It takes less then 3 minutes to input the ratings and automatically e-mail this valuable report to your client. In-turn, the agents logo and name is placed on top of each report.

Try it and if for any reason within the first 30 days you are unhappy with the program, Rate A Home will reimburse you the full $9.95 subscription fee. One saved refresher trip will save you the subscription fee in gas alone. Work smarter, not harder.

Read what users of the program had to say. These could be the same testimonials you receive from your clients!

Thank you for taking the time for your clients sake.


Stock photo by www.freefoto.com