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By Paul Pogba

If you are are a young professional looking for Miami area condos for rent, then you have the opportunity to create a great space that is both young and hip while at the same time being easy to maintain and keep looking its best.

Part of the challenge here is to find the best Miami condo for rent in the first place. While you can work wonders on an Miami rental by using a good eye for style, you will still be working of course within the confines that the property provides and making sure that you have a good space to work with is perhaps the best way to encourage a positive outcome.

First of all you should think about what you currently own. Most of us, even if we are looking for our first rental, will have a range of possessions that we want to bring with us. When you move though you should first of all make sure to be ruthless in deciding which these are and which of your belongings would be better off being left behind. Believe it or not we need very little of what we keep and no doubt there are boxes of things on your wardrobe that you haven't looked in for years. If you want your new Miami rental to look swanky, and if you want to avoid making the mistakes of the past, then it is wise to cut ties and to make the decision that anything you haven't looked at for the last 6 months be disposed of. You'll soon enough collect more clutter and if you miss anything you can just buy it again - you'll be surprised at how little you need and at how much better your Miami condo look minus the clutter.

Once you have decided on what you are going to take then you need to think about how this would fit into a rental and you need to try and imagine how it would all look. If you must take your work desk and your bench press, then you need to factor this into the Miami condo you choose as otherwise you will end up cramped in your own property.

You should also think hard about the kind of decorating in the condo and what will look good and crucially, what will be easy to maintain. Many Miami condos for rent will feature laminate or wooden flooring and this is great for making a property look clean, look modern and stay easy to maintain. This way your floor stays hygienic and clean looking and you only need a vacuum or a dust pan and brush to quickly make it as shiny and new looking as you like it.

Likewise things like the paint job in rentals will make a big difference to how they look. Look for nicely painted walls and good plastering and your home will look cleaner and more modern than if it's crumbling apart. Light colors are great for space. It's also worth asking your real estate agent whether the owners mind their tenants doing their own decorating, and what their policy is with putting up shelves etc.

Looking for the best properties for rent Miami area is the first step to ensuring your new home looks good. Follow the links for Miami Florida rentals and homes for sale.

FOR RENT: 17555 Atlantic Blvd, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160
FOR RENT: 17555 Atlantic Blvd, Sunny Isles Beach, FL
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