Core of successful marketing for general notary work (non-loan work)

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The core of successful marketing for general notary public work is all about:

*Knowing what services you can provide - the types of notarizations you can do.

*Creating a clear profile of your target market and then carefully studying your demographics to learn where those people live, work, volunteer, and play.

Part of creating the profile of your target market will include watching the behavior of what they do when they need a notary for loans, vehicle titles - - whatever services they need that you want to offer.

Where does your target market look for a notary? Who do they ask for a referral?
Observation will tell you whether to have a website, brochure, ad, organization membership, etc. Observation will also tell you how to prioritize your marketing dollar.

*Using what you have learned by observation to place information about you exactly where the customers you most want will be looking for a notary.

*Learning the most effective ways to word and present your information. (What makes a website productive? Why do some direct mailings produce results and others don't? How can you maximize the impact of your directory listings?)

That is the core of successful marketing and almost everyone skips the research step. They just start mailing flyers or buying ad space. The "wing it" approach does not create results. It is like scrubbing an oven with a wet Kleenex.

Market research is really psychological and sociological research. Endlessly fascinating.


Barbara Linker
Linker Loan Signings - Vail, AZ

"It is like scrubbing an oven with a wet Kleenex."

Great analogy, Laura.  You are so right to point out that research produces results.  I find that part of that research is asking your clients how they found you.  It gives you insight to where to put your marketing dollars.  I find that the majority of my clients find me by my website, and referrals.  I don't put alot of money into mass mailings anymore.  I do have brochures which can be useful, but I usually hand them out.

By the way, if the oven doesn't get clean with a wet Kleenex, then you have to research what will make the oven clean... a paper towel, oven cleaner, or better yet... a self-cleaning oven, just turn on the switch!


Dec 07, 2007 04:47 PM
Kimberly McKendell ~ The Premier Long Beach Mobile Notary
McKendell Mobile Notary - Long Beach, CA

Hi Laura,

I look forward to reading your posts. I view them as a guide, which either validate what I am already doing (and seeing positive results) or point me in a different direction.  I agree with you, research and then acting on that research, is truly the key to success.


Dec 09, 2007 07:40 AM