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Jay Sarno Las Vegas Estate
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While I get to view so many luxury Las Vegas homes, it's always so interesting to see the ones that have some history. This visit was also a little different. I wasn't there with clients, as this home isn't for sale at the moment. This was by invitation to a birthday party at the former home of the legendary Jay Sarno, considered by many as the father of the themed casino resort. If you've ever driven through Caesars Palace from Las Vegas Blvd to Frank Sinatra Dr., the street you were on is Jay Sarno Way. He was the builder of Caesars Palace Las Vegas and later, Circus Circus.

Jay Sarno Rancho Bel Air Las Vegas
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Jay Sarno Home Las Vegas
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Above is another angle that also shows a glimpse of the garages and guest quarters to the left of the main house. Below that is the gated entry to the front door. The home is located in the neighborhood of Rancho Bel Air, and is west of downtown Las Vegas. It is nestled around other prominent luxury neighborhoods, such as Bel Air Circle, the Scotch 80's, Alta Dr and Pinto and Palomino Lanes, the latter the location of the Las Vegas home to Michael Jackson between 2006 and 2008.

Luxury Homes Las Vegas Jay Sarno
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Las Vegas Custom Home Jay Sarno
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Here you can see the elegant stairs, chandelier, carved wood and stained glass that you can find throughout the house. Below that is the formal living room with mirrored ceiling. Large mirrors on ceilings and walls are also found in multiple areas of the home.

Game Room with Bar Las Vegas Jay Sarno
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Las Vegas Pool Home of Jay Sarno
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As the guests arrived it became a little more difficult to take pictures of open rooms, but above is the family / game room with full bar to the left and pool table to the right. The far left end exits to the pool and patio, pictured below. This the room where a large number of entertainers would step up to perform over the course of the evening.

Robert Nash, LJ Harness Las Vegas
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While these handfuls of pictures don't show it, you can't imagine the number of singers, musicians, and comedians that performed throughout the evening. Wait, Is that Bobby De Niro being greeted at the front door? Well no, it's actually comedian and impressionist Robert Nash, who does do a mean De Niro. With his presence and all the others it really added to the magic of the evening, and to reliving the history of the home. One can only imagine the number of entertainers that graced the halls of this casino mogul's estate. In the background you can catch a glimpse of the leaded glass doors and the carved woodwork.

Mycki Manning Marilyn Monroe with LJ Harness
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Of course the birthday boy was wished a happy birthday by none other than Marilyn Monroe, accompanied by the boys in the band. The iconic starlet was portrayed by Mycki Manning, while her fiance Ned Mills, musical director and performer, who can play both keys and the same time.

Roberta LaRocca,  LJ Harness Las Vegas


The party was to honor yet another legend, my dear friend rock drummer LJ Harness, who relocated here from Sarasota, FL less than 3 years ago. With the guest list limited to 150 people, and many other entertainers unable to attend as they were performing at the time, I think you can understand that LJ has developed quite a following in the short span he's lived here. If you visit his soon to be revamped website and watch the video there, you'll get a small taste of the number of rock legends that are either friends or with whom he has performed.

He has become the catalyst for reviving the Las Vegas live music scene, and the unscripted performance of entertainers and musicians dropping in just to have fun. It produces an energy that's reminiscent of the Rat Pack days and beyond, even beyond the time of Jay Sarno owning the home into the 80's.

Today's production shows and their performers are amazing, along with the elaborate theaters and technology. Nightclubs have grown huge in proportion to the intimate entertainment lounges of even the recent past. Yet something was missing. The interaction of the performers and celebrities with their fans in the audience. The impromptu surprises of never knowing just how the show will turn out tonight, or tomorrow or the next. It is purely spontaneous entertainment that gets everyone in the room involved.

The Vegas Underground LJ Harness
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That unique entertainment experience found during the era of this historic home is being revived by LJ with his ever growing group of industry friends, in the recently formed The Vegas Underground. Currently you can catch this style of classic Vegas entertainment on Monday nights, but be prepared for standing room only. With the crowds I've seen the demand is there, and I can imagine this has the potential of expanding into other events in the future.

LJ Harness, Toys for Tots
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Las Vegas is a community that is rich in talent, and this Las Vegas 'Secret Society' LJ formed has built a stronger sense of community by giving back not only in their performance, but by helping others in the process. Since his arrival, LJ has been a major presence to 'Pay it Forward' in Las Vegas by organizing community events, from Toys for Tots, to Veterans programs, and Music Foundations like the one from pianist Danny Wright, to expand the arts in the local schools.

I hope this background helps you see what an experience it was to view the home of Jay Sarno while celebrating with yet another visionary, with both focused on building through entertainment that includes more than just the performance, but the total experience. This combined with enjoying the company and performances of so many entertainers and musicians made for a very special evening at a very special home.


This is just one of the many unique custom homes of Las Vegas. A few I've previously written about are the founder of Avon, Jerry Henderson's Las Vegas Underground Home, the former Las Vegas home of Liberace, the #1 Weird, but Wonderful Home of 2011, or should I say homes, of Dr Lonnie Hammargren, and the collection of Las Vegas period homes on Heritage Street at the Clark Co. Museum that is headed by History Channel's Pawn Stars Expert Mark Hall-Patton.

The interesting and often colorful history, talented neighbors and celebrities of Las Vegas, and the sense of community they can create by sharing their art, are all just a few of the reasons Las Vegas is such a great place to call home. If you are interested in relocating to Las Vegasor would like more information on Las Vegas Real Estate, please email me, at, or call 702-354-8988. I look forward to hearing from you!


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