Painting aluminum siding is tricky business

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     Painting aluminum siding is tricky business. Yes there are still quite a few older homes out there with aluminum siding on them and by now they are quite faded. Aluminum siding not only fades, but the surface oxidizes and there is a chalky residue left on the surface. In some cases, just power washing with a mild detergent and then applying a primer coat before painting may be all that is needed. In more severe cases of oxidation, the power washing may not remove the chalky residue completely and the paint will not adhere. In those cases a stronger chemical may be needed to remove oxidation. In all cases the siding must be primed or Emulsa-Bond added to the first coat of paint.

    I recently inspected a home that was being sold by a construction company that had bought the home and renovated it to sell. They did a beautiful job on the interior of the home, new high quality kitchen and bath cabinetry and fixtures. All new appliances, carpet and hardwood floors. New high efficiency heat pump and high efficiency water heater. The interior had all new woodwork and doors, all new vinyl windows. I was really impressed, I don't usually see flip jobs this nice.

    The exterior was a different story. The aluminum siding had been painted and the surface was bubbled up over the entire structure. It looked like the house had the hives. Within 6 months these areas will have popped and peeled off and the homeowner would be stuck. This paint job needed to be completely redone, stripping off all of the old paint and then properly cleaning, priming and re-painting. It is a shame that the contractor hired a painter that did not understand that painting aluminum siding is tricky business.

David DiRienzo

HouseProbe Inspections LLC


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David - Thank you for sharing detailed quality information on painting aluminum siding is tricky business.

Mar 03, 2012 01:15 AM