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Walk into a forest and you see many different shades of green.  Is any shade better than any other, or are all shades perfect for the purpose they serve?  

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The Green industry is so widespread which is one of the reasons I think some find it difficult to embrace. There are actually 3 levels of green building commitment so folks don't have to bite off too much at the beginning and enter gradually.

Low Commitment - There are some basic things you can do to save money and resources, as well as live healthier. Composting, adjusting thermostats, using low VOC paints, use weatherstripping, get an energy audit to test for air leakage, use low water usage plants and water flow. Use LED or CFL light bulbs, dimmers, energy smart appliances, and upgrade your insulation. Use light colored flooring and counters to reflect light reducing the overall level of lighting required. Use mulch from recycled trees.

Mid Commitment - This is most common for greenies. Low E vinyl windows, cellulose blown in insulation or spray foam the attic spaces. You might install solar screens or awnings to cut the sun intrusion, use earth friendly building materials such as recycled glass counters or tiles, sustainable wood flooring, bamboo, ceramic tile flooring, carpet made from recycled plastic bottles, and live in a smaller footprint.

High Commitment - This is what most people think of when they think green but isn't in the budget price range. Renewable energies such as wind turbines or solar power, geothermal heating, gray water usage, adobe walls, structural insulated panels, and other alternative building materials. Solar water heater and Tankless water heaters are other options as well.

There are pros and cons to all, and of course there is the return on investment. The question you have to ask yourself is - What's your Why?

Eco-Chic - Characterized by being seen at green events, stores, and wearing organic branded clothing or eating certifed organic food to "do their part." 

Tree Hugger -  Characterized by modest living, no glam and glitz, bells or whistles.  More likely to conserve at the expense of confort. The are passionate about "saving the environment" and are concerned about the carbon footprint.  They love nature to the extent they would pay more to save the environment and are willing to be inconvenienced.  Also known as "Granolas."

Savers - Characterized by having little to no interest in green technologies or eco-friendly living. They just want to save on utility bills and other operational expenses. Practical might be another term.

Living Comfortable - Characterized by a concern for health and wellness.  They desisire to remove chemical emissions aka "Volatile Organic Compounds."  They want to relax in their caste.  May also own a water purifier and high end air purifiers.

Greenies - Characterized by owning a certified Green home. A high level commitment to reducing their carbon footprint to leave the world intact for the next generation. 

Whatever your reason, there is something for you so be sure to evaluate what you are doing and how you can make simple changes in your life to reach your personal objective.





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