Knock, knock.... Natalie is out there visiting real estate offices with coupons

Education & Training with Professional Direction

I am busy... ok.. all of us are "busy."  Doesn't it get old when people tell you that.  And yet I find I spend so much time wasted.

I could sit here and write all kinds of ideas about how you can boost your business.... but just so you know... I am in the same boat.  It is so easy to just sit here at the computer and answer a few emails, call friends, do paperwork, plan for another newsletter.... etc.

But, instead I have been going out to real estate offices and passing out some flyers with coupons for correspondence classes.  I do very little marketing for my school.  I work by referrals... and past business.  But, it is good to get out there and talk to the friends I do have out there in the real estate world.  Same for you... work on your own "lead generation" program.  Go talk to your "sphere of influence."

Here is the deal... the coupon I am passing out is for $10 off any class on my website thru 12/31/07...  so if you read this... make sure you just make a note at the top of your evaluation when you mail it in for clockhours!  Its rare I do coupons.. so take advantage of this one.

I teach Instructor Development Workshop every month.  You can take it... get 15 clockhours... and then get certified to teach!  Then what?  .... I have many classes you can teach the minute you are certified.  Then, I work with you on marketing your classes. 

Keep in touch.. email me...