Lakes Region Real Estate Market

Real Estate Sales Representative with The Michael Bean Group LLC

Every day, someone asks me how the market is.  I tell them "great!"  And the truth is, the market is great for those who are realistic.

Certainly prices have taken a fall from their heights.  That's an expected part of the cycle.  But homes are still selling. And if you look at the homes that are selling, you will see that they were PRICED RIGHT.  Correct pricing is the key in a buyers market to having your house go as quickly as possible.  This is not the time to "test the waters" if you truly want to sell.

An Agent or Broker really needs to be doing a very diligent job of making sure that they've looked at every possible source for comparables! 

 Ask solid questions about the homes your prospective Agent has compared yours to.  They should be as close a match as possible, in age, condition and size. They should also have sold a maximum of 6 months before you list your property. These comparables are good predictors of what you can expect to be selling your home for, as long as conditions are stable.

And remember, if you really want or need your home to sell, the right price means everything!

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