Learn about how a Reverse Mortgage can be used to purchase a home! www.SocalReverseIt.com

Mortgage and Lending

Did you know that a reverse mortgage can be used to purchase a home? The answer is yes you can and it's simple. 

Example based on 65 year old borrower:

Purchase Price: $500,000

Reverse Mortgage: $304,500

Down Payment: $195,500 (Cash to Close)

Best of all no FICO's, No Income to qualify and know payments as long as you live in the property and maintain the taxes & insurance.

Call or email me to learn more, Estimates in minutes:

Toll Free: (800) 792-1904 Ex 801 or Direct: (949) 278-7200

Email: Robert.Ross@Omni-Fund.com 

Website: www.SocalReverseIt.com


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