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Technology- Who is in control

Nothing has changed the real estate business like technology.  When I started we carried a book of listings and everyone had to come to us for information.  Today consumers can get all the information on line and settle on a Broker based on perceived expertise.  So how do we keep up and show our"stuff"?

First keep in mind that internet leads, while important will, in all likelihood, not be the core of your business. It is sad to see the number of new agents that set out to have the worlds best web site and fail.  They miss the most important ingredient of all - the ability to work with people. Old adage is that a client must get to know you, like you and ultimately trust you in order to do business with you. That is difficult on line. 

I truly believe that every great agent has a web site.  While that may not be the source of most of their business a web site is essential.  Consumers are checking out the agent they may be working with and if they Google you and you don't have a web presence they will probably look elsewhere. I heard it put this way: An agent without a web site is like a house without a bathroom. Some things are just essential.

Today's marketing is being driven by technology. Social Media, virtual tours, QR codes, electronic brochures, digital business cards, smart phone adaptability, call capture, and the list goes on.  How do you keep up?  Like eating an elephant - one bite at a time. Set aside time to update and learn. Find a true technology expert - one who speaks English, not just Techy, and go to class every three to six months. Leading edge companies are now scheduling these sessions regularly, it has become an absolute essential.

Way to much for one thought, but I have one more to pass along - don't let email steal your day. Set aside two specific times a day and handle your email, otherwise get away from it.  It is great fun, but it is now the biggest time thief in America.  Try this, set aside the first ninety minutes of everyday to accomplish the most important thing of the day, then schedule fifteen minutes to send and answer emails.

So much for today -   Go out and Make It A Great Day!!!!

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