Would you like to be an "INVISIBLE" home buyer?

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Would you like to be an "INVISIBLE" home buyer?

How do most home buyers look for properties in today's market?

Let's look at the 3 most common ways:

1. looking on the Internet
2. picking up a real estate magazine
3. driving by properties in the neighborhoods of their choice

With Internet access, it's very easy for home buyers to stay invisible when looking online for properties. Most web sites don't require them to register by filling out their name, phone number, address, etc.

Real estate magazines are getting harder to find in public places and when you do find one, there's not a table of contents to search the areas you want to view. Each page or two has listings scattered all over and you can't search by area or price range, because there's too many of them and all of the agent photos are irritating. It's very frustrating!

Driving through neighborhoods that you like is still a common occurence and you can find out more information about the home by calling the company or listing agent's phone number. Sometimes there will be a brochure box that provides you with additional details. Then some listings have a hotline recording that you can call and listen to the property's details. The problem with doing this is many times when you call the number on the sign, the company has caller-ID on the phone number and when you dial the number, your cell phone number will be displayed and the company has an opportunity to call you back. Well, do you want to be bothered? Most people don't.

I have a solution for you.

I have access to a service that will allow you to call about any MLS listed property in the greater Cincinnati area and you won't be pestered by aggressive real estate agents, who call you at all hours of the day and night.

By adding your number into my service, you will be "Invisible" to the general real estate industry.
Yes, I will know who you are, but you will be free to call on any real estate company's listings and know that you won't be harassed...I know that you're just looking for information.

It doesn't matter if you're casually looking, not ready to buy or in a serious buying mode!

All you have to do is dial a simple number and enter the property's house or condo number and it will identify the property for you and provide you details in private.

If you're interested in using this service, there's no cost...no obligation...no hassles!

Just contact me below and I'll be glad to set you up on this service.

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