Goodbye 2006

Real Estate Agent with Long and Foster Real Estate, Inc.

As we say farewell to 2006, what do we think we can do to help our Sellers and Buyers become more respectful of our choosen career.  The foundation of my career has been to tell my clients the truth and the clients I choose to work with are very appreciative and respectful.  We seem to be as a group void of honesty, just to get the listing.  With the Buyers, we don't take responsibility for not researching an area and giving them good solid information on their home search. I look to 2007 being a year of new found honesty.  We should be honest enough to tell ourselves, this client is not for me, we are not a match made in heaven, and let them go!  We have to be truthful enough to take responsibility when things fall through the cracks.  We should also not want to be listed as the #2 least respected career, next to use car sales people.  I feel that the bad habits we had in our other jobs, where we thought we were underpaid and disrespected, have trailed us to this profession. 

It's time to take personal inventory and discovery.  Should Real Estate be your chosen field?  Do you love what you do? Are you a people person?  Are you in this field just for the money?  What are you bringing to this chosen career that makes you stand out as the Realtor people want to work with?  Are you professionally running your business as a business? My fellow Realtors, lets change the image we have ingested for years and take us off that God-foresaken list.  I don't know about you, but I don't want people who ask what my profession is, I tell them I'm a Realtor, and the look in their eyes is disappointment or disgust. Followed by, excuse me, I see someone I need to speak with.  I want them to say,"I'm so happy to meet you and I want to speak with about the real estate market."

Happy 2007 Realtors and raise the bar as a professional for your clients in the new year.  It will be rewarding to your spirit! 

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