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Last week you may have seen my first publication on the subject of "Commitment to Excellence", with the article titled "Commitment to Excellence - Words Are Easy? Execution is the Differentiator" I wanted to follow this with a few articles focused on our Commitment to Excellence at the Holman & Holman Team.

For this article I want to focus on Innovation. INNOVATION is the basis of change for practically everything that we do today in the way we live, work and play. Driven by technology, Innovation is the primary differentiator in the "Best in Class" organisations and service providers as compared to the rest. The market Leaders in almost every business sector are those organizations that do not just buy technology but use it and apply it to improve the value of their services or provide enhancements that are highly customer valued. If we put our customers at the center of all that we do "In a Customer Centric Model" we can be successful in understanding needs and deliver service innovation driven by those needs.

One of the key frustrations vented by my customers with real estate transactions, is the never ending forms and documents that have to be completed, faxed, modified, edited, signed, refaxed, counter signed, faxed again because of page transmission errors, you get the point. The document signing and completion process is a vital part of the transaction and ultimately serves to protect all parties to the transaction. So I find myself asking "How can I make this easier for my clients?" One other vital issue is that the FAX machine which has really served us well for the last 15+ years has it's limitations. Sometimes through transmission errors clarity of printing etc, the output from a "clear and eligable document point of view" is substandard as a result it has it's risks. Most of all more people have access to PC's now over fax machines. There has to be a better way to communicate during the "Forms Flow" process?. There is........

At Holman and Holman we have tirelessly explored our processes, identified the "Room for Improvements" the need for change and our answer is e-Transact. Below gives you full overview of these services and innovations in servicing you as our customer.

Excellence Through Innovation

One of our "Commitments to Excellence", is through innovation. The Real Estate industry as a whole is going through massive change and evolution of process and practice. The Holman and Holman team is committed in utilizing innovation to the fullest, where such innovation brings value and service improvements to our customers. We believe the selection of service tools and innovations that we are now using will deliver exactly that.  These are aimed at making the process of buying or selling your home, more easier, less time consuming and less frustrating. This is truely a "No Hassle" service. Our e-transaction  collection, is a collection of electronic tools and services that helps make the the home buying and selling process a "No Hassle" experience. These electronic tools have been hand selected by the Holman and Holman Team to bring you value and service improvement.

One of the first tools selected by the Holman & Holman team is RelayTM. Relay is a transaction management tool the "e-enables" the whole process of contracting and document tracking and signing facilitating a electronic transaction room where contract parties can proceed with contracts. 

ZIPForm® eSign - DocuSign® - A fully electronic enabled signing tool that is fully secure and eliminates the need to find a FAX Machine to fax those long and extensive documents to the Agents. This also helps eliinate errors due to clarity improvements. A great innovator and has received a lot of positive feedback within our Client community. 


These tools, in conjunction with Market Snap Shot, are all market innovators.

When they are ALL used to their fullest potential, it puts you firmly in the driving seat of understanding where you are in the market (SnapShot), understand the status of a transaction (Relay) and fully control the document signing process all from the comfort of your home. (ZIPform -Esign).

We think you will agree that this represents a great service model for any customer. Be ours today and contact us, why continue to be frustrated by under invested service alternatives?

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Written By: Nathan Holman - REALTOR, Holman & Holman Team - Realty USA Southwest

Service Markets: Residential Home Buy & Sale, Arizona, AZ, Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Peoria, Cave Creek.


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