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You’ve selected what you believe to be the perfect property for building your Lake Keowee home. It has a stunning view, deep water, and, best of all, it’s the right price. So, what comes next?

Building a custom home is both a daunting and exciting proposition. This is even more true, perhaps, when one is building a custom lake home.

On Lake Keowee, there is a wide array of resources from which to draw for those who purchase a lot with plans to build a custom, or even a spec, home. But like any construction project, there are pitfalls to be avoided. offers answers to some of the most-asked questions regarding lot selection and custom building on Lake Keowee:

What is the most desirable location for property on the lake?

One of the best things about Lake Keowee is the diversity it offers in terms of location. There are many desirable places to build or buy on the lake, depending on your lifestyle and the desires of your family. For those who desire to be close to Clemson University, neighborhoods located on the Clemson/Pickens County side of Lake Keowee are ideal. For those who wish to be closer to the metropolitan Atlanta area, there are communities on this side of the lake as well, within a two-hour drive or less to the Georgia hub. And still other communities and lots are located closer to the town of Seneca, which offers shopping aplenty and health care facilities nearby. For those seeking privacy and who don’t mind distance, there are many communities on the lake that are far enough removed from the hub-bub of activity to provide quiet and serenity.

How long does it take to complete a custom construction project on the lake?

The average period of time for a custom build is six to eight months or longer. This includes everything from grading the lot to building, landscaping, and making interior and exterior color selections. Additional time should be allotted to account for shoreline management and dock construction.

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