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Are there any Rainmakers or Active Rain members currently signed up with  Love to hear any thoughts.

I am the Local Expert in San Antonio Tx and have a few thoughts myself.  Since the original introduction and sales of there have been quite a few changes from the way the site functions.  So be careful of what the sales team is selling you. Feel free to contact me with questions...


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Shannon Jones
The Shannon Jones Team - Long Beach, CA
Long Beach CA Real Estate

John, I would love to hear your opinion. I signed up with as the local expert for Long Beach, CA when they  called me last year. Although the website wasn't up, I was very excited when they explained the opportunity to me. However, within the past week, when they called to explain an additional opportunity, I was a bit confused. The way the product was pitched to me, I would be THE Realtor for Long Beach that home buyers and sellers would see when they went to the site. But as it turns out, that's not really the case. The local expert's branding appears with the community information - crime stats, school info., etc.... But when people actually go to search for a home or look for property value, it's not the local expert they see and it's not the local expert who gets their lead. Now that exposure is parceled out by zip codes. So all of a sudden if I wanted to be the "Listing Expert" so home sellers would see me, it was going to be an additional $2500 a month for the six zip codes I normalyl work -- on top of the $500 a month I'd already committed to. It felt lilke Bait and Switch to me and I've cancelled the contract.

Mar 06, 2012 12:55 PM
John Pierce* /Keller Williams Heritage - San Antonio, TX

Good Morning Shannon, you are very correct on how the site is being run.  I have decided to stay on as local expert (6 months)for the exposure and hope to see some traffic, we'll see.  It was pitched to me the same way and as of the begining of last week they sent out the update of "Really" how it is going to work.  Very sad that with Market Leader who has an incredible CRM and now with the merger of Sharper Agent for marketing that this is being handled this way.   As well the "buyers expert" is not available until sometime in the summer, it will be the same "selling zip codes".  And as of today when a consumer clicks on "get expert advice today" in the looking for a home tab they get this

We could not find an agent in your area.

Our apologies we do not currently have an agent in your area to respond to your request. We have created an account for you on and invite you to continue your home search on our site.

(copied from website)


A Dead lead... I wouldnt think a consumer would be coming back to a site that says that...

Well I have to get to work and sell some Real Estate to cover my new marketing adventure.

Will keep you posted

Mar 06, 2012 08:45 PM