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When you live in Michigan, Lansing is a focal point even when there is not budget troubles.  Lansing has one of the more accessible expressway systems in the state.  Moving around and through town is not that much of a problem.

Now the employment in the area that is quite another story.  Michigan State University employees many, the state government employs another group along with the support companies that provide services.  "Buick" has been struggling as of late and the work force has had to go through some painful down-sizing.

This means the housing market is like others that have high inventory and few buyers.  Being the capital of the state one would think all roads lead to Lansing and prosperity.  The facts are each of us has to keep a close eye on our equity, saving and jobs.  Years ago we knew people that worked decades for the same company.  Today the majority have worked less than a decade for any one company. 

I myself was a product of downsizing in the late 80' took awhile to find another executive job that paid close to the salary I was once making.  We have to feel for people that have this happen to them.  It is very difficult and sometime heartbreaking to see families disintegrate under the financial pressures.

We have only to look around and in our own neighborhoods we can see families that would appreciate a bag of groceries.  This holiday season drop off a bag of groceries to a struggling family if you can spare the funds to do so.  You will never be able to describe the feeling you will share with that family in their time of need.

We are blessed to live here...we also obligated to help our brothers and sisters in time of need if we can.  They may not do it for you...but that is not the point is it.

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