Mortgage Rates Can Make You Sea Sick!

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Mortgage rates are all ways on the move! Depending on the day, rates can move up and down as little as .125% to "God forbid" higher. Lower movements are what we all want in our lives, so lets hope that green line keeps moving up and stays up! If I could predict the movement, I would be able to retire to a nice warm tropical island. Check out what we have seen over the last three days.

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Interest Rates!

Follow the green line. The green line represent the movement of the coupon that influences a group of the mortgage industries interest rates, the rates you are being quoted. This graph puts the constant movement of interest rates in a visual perspective. By the way, this is just over the last three days. If you locked a rate in the morning on March 2nd, chances are March 6th would have been a bit more attractive!



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