Scranton Pa Homes For Sale - Sellers Be Sure You Indicate "I'm Taking That Light Fixture"

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When you prepare your home for sale take an inventory of the items you intend to remove.  Often times sellers are so caught up in cleaning and sprucing up their home, they forget to attend to this very important detail.

We always ask you at the time we complete your listing - "Is there anything attached to the property you are going to keep"?  "Is there anything like the hot tub or statue in the yard you intend to take with you?"

Buyers are often attracted to small details in or about a home.  As hard as it is to comprehend, sales can be lost through miscommunication. 

Realtor Deana Dee reminds us to be sure these details are thoroughly disclosed to potential buyers before they fall in love with your home. 

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Dee Langley Charlotte, NCLike many Realtors we ask before we list your home "Mr & Mrs Seller is there anything you are taking with you that does not go with the house?"  We ask this question for a reason.  I usually share with my sellers if there is something they are taking with them, PLEASE take it down, box it up, get it out of sight because . . .


Meaning that gorgeous mirror in the bathroom, the beautiful sconce in the hall, those ornate curtain rods you had custom made those items you adore so much will be just as adored by your buyer!  If you leave it up it will be the whole reason the buyer chose your house over all the others!

This happened to me this week!!! I asked my sellers "Is there anything in the house that isn't going to stay with the house?"  They simply said "No".  Now this is a difficult time in their lives.  They had come to the decision to short sell their home.  This is not an easy decision.  This decision should always be taking under advisement from a local Realtor, attorney, and tax professional.  But due to the hard nature of this decision they simply forgot that a family light fixture was still in the home.

Fast Forward 3 months.  We receive the offer on the home.  We proceed to the bank.  Fast forward another 2 months.  The sellers get approval to short sell their home.  HOORAY!Dee Langley Charlotte, NC

My out of town clients come back into town to sign paperwork and pick up their other belongings out of the home.  They take the family light fixture.  In passing they let me know that they are taking the light fixture.  I immediately go into you can not take the light fixture without permission.  I reminded them of the conversation we had 5 months earlier. 

They explained to me the importance of said light fixture.  I immediately get on the phone with the other agent and you guessed it. . . The Buyers bought the house because of the family light fixture.

Now here we are trying desperately to replace this light fixture one week before closing.


I send this friendly reminder out that in the state of North Carolina.  If you attach it to your house it goes with the house!

Hopefully this little illustration can help you keep this from happening to your clients!



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