Buying a HUD home in Arlington, TX

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Buying a HUD home in Arlington TX

Buying a HUD home in Arlington, TX.  There are many good home buying opportunities in Arlington through HUD listings.  Currently there are 11 HUD homes total in Arlington with 6 of those listed for under $100,000.  The homes vary in quality and condition but even those that are lacking the appeal one would hope for could quite possibly be picked such a fair price that you could afford to put some money in for improvements.  Some are ready or very close to ready for move in.

Something to know when looking at the possibility of buying a HUD home is that some are only open for offers from people who intend on living in the home(Owner Occupants), along with non-profit agencies and Homes for sale in Arlington TXgovernment agencies.  In the case of the current listings in Arlington, there are only 2 at this time that are open to all bidders, including investors.  But when there are HUD homes open to investors to bid on, they usually end up being a really great deal.  Each home would have to be looked at on a case by case basis to see who can bid.

Another point to consider is the bid submission deadline.  Some of these homes have a set date where they will accept bids through before they actually accept, or possibly accept, one of those bids.  So if the bid deadline is 2 weeks from now, they may receive 10 bids and then after Arlington TX Real Estate Agentthe deadline accept the best one or maybe not accept any.  If they do not accept any, they typically open the bidding back up on a day by day basis.  If they do not accept a particular bid, they do not usually contact you to let you know, much less make a counter offer, unless you are the one that is very close to something they like.


For more information on buying a HUD home in and around Arlington, TX, please contact Real Estate Agent Greg Brady.


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