Real Estate Addicts...What Do You Do After a Long Day of Real Estate?

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Do you take time for your self? Real Estate is a high powered, mentally exhausting career when you are really focused on it! So what do you do to relax? What do you do to keep from losing your mind, or to just stop your mind from turning? 

I realize that I am HDD (constantly working in my head towards the next sale, keeping the office running smoothly, sorting through the personalities, making sure the investment properties are renting, the pendings are closing, the open houses are manned, the housekeeping and maintenance managers are happy, and on and on and on.) and OCD (Compulsive workaholic who has to do everything right the first time and the best possible person while doing it). What do you do to get that down time and stop the brain from working? I am constantly memorizing listings of Maggie Valley real estate. I need to know all the listings for my clients.

How do you make that jump to leaving it all behind? Even while horseback riding in the great Smoky Mountains National Park I am well aware of where the cell signals are. I answer most of my calls making my horse and riding partners annoyed. My mind is on investment properites.

My husband prefers our motorcycle outlet of rest and relaxation. Riding along on matching mean streaks... I am not about to ride on the back and not be in control of when and if I crash. (I know... control freak). He thinks I can't take the phone along since taking it out of the pocket and getting it around the helmet while driving would be suicidal. I am aware when the pocket jiggles that the next possible stop is a great place call for a break to check voice mail and get that call call returned. 

Watching movies are good if it is a DVD (you can stop and start those and the family is forced to take a snack or bathroom break even if they don't want to) and answer that call. Now before you think I am completely mad... I will say I can control myself and not answer the phone during dinner or in restaurants! I do have my limits.

My only real and true relaxation I have is my King Charles Cavalier Spaniels and my Entlebucher Sennenhunds. My husband, my daughter and I raise and breed them. I am jealous of all the time they get with them, however, when I come home after a long day they are so eager to greet me. If I want someone to ride along to preview homes, I always have a partner wagging his or her tail to go along. They also love to go to work with me. They have all managed to adjust except for my little Gizmo who barks at me when I get on the phone and ignore him. The rest just cuddle up or lay at my feet while I work and wait for their next walk. 

At this point I am eating, sleeping and breathing maggie valley real estate. I am doing a pretty good job at it too. The big question is are there any other brokers out there like me who can't seem to leave it all behind? Anyone else who is addicted to the real estate game? Are there any tips you could share to work as hard.... yet have more time to play???

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