Austin Warehouse Space Layout

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Austin Warehouse Space Layouts


When choosing a warehouse space there are some important fundamentals to consider.

Knowing the range of warehouse space alternatives is important, Whether it is storage, picking, manufacturing and distribution your needs of a warehouse space and it's features is essential. Warehouse spaces must also be flexible enough to adapt to your business operations and requirements.

Typical features of Warehouse space  include this list of basic requirements as outlined below.

  • Efficient Use of Space: Warehouse space is often designed with higher bays to take advantage of vertical storage. Utilization of space is maximized while providing adequate circulation paths for personnel and material handling equipment such as forklift trucks.
  • Design for Live Loads: Designs should anticipate the loads of stored materials and associated handling equipment, knowing your ceiling heights and how much turn radius an 18 wheeler needs comes into play. If you require both dock high and grade level access, you will be looking at square footage of at least 4000 square feet or more in the Austin market.
  • Power and Utility Requirements: Tenants that require warehouse spaces that require special power and utilities, Depending on the goods being stored and handling equipment required, there may be a need for well-distributed power and utility lines such as 3 phase  throughout the warehouse space. Attempt energy-efficient lighting when possible.  Some warehouse spaces typically include one floor drain for every two bays of storage, as well as sand and oil traps on waste lines.
  • Loading Dock: Warehouse space types are typically designed with one electro-hydraulic dock leveler per every five truck bays.

There are different types of warehouse building characteristics as well , the include general purpose, special purpose and single purpose. Each is defined below:Warehouse space Austin

General purpose warehouse space- has a wide range of alternative uses, light manufacturing or assembly or to be used as a warehouse space only.

Special purpose warehouse space- physical characteristics of the warehouse space that limit the type of use by the tenant or owner.

Single purpose warehouse space- suitable for one use only as the name states , this may be something like a steel mill, however these warehouse spaces can be converted to a different use.

It is always a challenge to utilize a warehouse space that is single purpose and covert it to a use for a church, theater since they typically do not fit the industrial usage permitting for parking and use.  To find warehouse space or office warehouse property for lease or sale, contact Shire Commercial.  Tenants and Buyers of warehouse property benefit directly from our in house tracking and negotiations expertise.

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