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So have you heard enough of all the impending doom and gloom tied to the real estate market? Folks, if you listen to the national news, you'd be making the wrong decisions today! You gotta dig for the reality.. and that is that real estate is really local.

This basically means that you can't judge what's going on in your neighborhood by what you see on the nightly news in California! If you live in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas, you will want to read this!

Forbes Magazine has ranked the Charlotte Real Estate Market the 4th strongest market in America! This means that you are currently in one of the strongest markets in the country. Now before you discredit this ranking, Charlotte, NC is the 4th strongest real estate market in growth with and average growth of over 8%! HELLO! Charlotte real estate is still strong!

Think that's cool? Check out what else Forbes Magazine had to say about affordable housing in Charlotte!

If you have been putting off taking advantage of what is a buyer's market for fear of what has been in the media, now is the time to turn off that tv and start looking for a home in Charlotte! You can't afford to let this opportunity pass you buy! With Charlotte mortgage rates at their all time lows, you simply need to act now!

Let the experts of the Ed Nailor Mortgage Team help you get qualified to buy a home today! We know home loans in Charlotte!


Ed Nailor

Mortgage and Home Loan Specialist


1st Metropolitan Mortgage
10801 Johnston Rd Suite 213
Charlotte, NC 28226


Phone: 704-248-8694
Fax: 704-644-0258

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