7 Great Ideas to Transform Your Old, Tired Floors!

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How many times have you wished that your flooring was shinier, a different color, or just generally different? Today's flooring products come in such a wide variety of styles, colors and price ranges that a little bit of work could turn up just what you have been thinking of. Read on for seven ways that you can enhance or change the flooring in your home today.

1. Give your hardwood floors a refinishing treatment. For homes that already have hardwood floors installed, a hardwood floor expert can work wonders with sanding and staining techniques to cover water damage, stains and other issues on older wood floors. Once the floors are completely sanded and stained, you want to apply 3 coats of polyurethane to provide a hard durable finish. It’s your choice preference of finish sheen, the most popular is semi gloss, your other choices are also gloss and satin finishes. Today’s technology provides two choices in polyurethane, oil base & water base. 

Water-based will not yellow. Therefore the color of the stain remains true. Oil-based will yellow and tint the overall effect of the color.  Many prefer the water-based for the lack of annoying fumes at the time of application, low risk of combustion, as well as the shorter drying time. The oil-based product generally reaches full hardness sooner than the water-based. If time is an issue, this may be compelling. 

2. Install new carpet. This option is popular because it is easy and carpet comes in so many colors, patterns and levels of quality that you are bound to find something that meets your needs. Stay away from "trendy" colors if you think that you will be selling your home within the next few years, though, as many people want a home that is ready to move in to, without any additional expenses for new carpeting.

3. Investigate your options with ceramic tile. Tile is durable and easy to clean, which makes sense for bathroom and kitchen areas. Ceramic tile is an interesting option that allows you to get a high-end look for an extremely reasonable price. Check your building supply houses and big box stores for deals on high traffic tile; you will be surprised on the great buys available in the .80-.99 cent per square foot price range. There are five grades assigned to floor tile, the grades are in roman numerals, with grade I being the lowest and V being the highest. Grade III tiles are perfect for residential applications in kitchen and entry areas which receive considerable traffic, Grade II can be used where light traffic is expected, like bathroom floors. Grades IV & V are mostly used in commercial applications.

4. Install Pergo or some of the other brands of laminate wood products. These types of flooring look great, and are easy to install on your own. Choose from a variety of colors and styles, and save a bundle on floors that have a great hardwood look for a fraction of the cost.

5. Get creative and use special paint and stencils to create designs on your flooring. This works especially well in a child's room, a garden room or the kitchen. Paint a "mat" in front of your kitchen sink in a bold color-coordinated pattern to add a touch of whimsy, or go down to the concrete and stain your floors for a modern, industrial look. 

6. Get really crafty and use brown kraft paper for a faux-leather look. This rustic take on flooring is easily accomplished in the following way. Using paints made for flooring, crush brown, thick kraft paper and dip in the paint, then stamp on your floors. This method works best when done in darker shades of brown paint, with a satin-finish protective varnish applied afterward.

7. Install one of the new types of vinyl sheet flooring that requires no gluing. This flooring comes in a variety of great looks and patterns, making it one of the easiest choices to transform a room.

Whether you want an artsy look or sophistication, follow the above tips to transform your old looking floors, you’ll be amazed at your results.

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