Holidays are upon us

Real Estate Agent with Assist-2-Sell

I'm not really ready for the holiday season this year. My wife and I returned from a month-long trip to China and Thailand a few weeks ago. We're still dealing with jet lag. Of course, while I was away I had 2 closings occur. I also got a listing due to mailings I send out. It really does pay to go on vacation! It is good to get away. We walked on the Great Wall, saw the Terra Cotta warriors, saw the 3 Gorges Dam project, and had a 5-day cruise on the Yangzee river as part of our tour. It really was a trip to behold. Between my wife and I we took 1500 pictures. We had to gleen that down to around 200 or less so people would go to sleep looking at them.

Now we're back in business and looking forward to a healthy, prosperous new year. 2008 will be great. I personally don't believe any of these so called "forecasters" telling us what the market will be or what the housing situation will be like. There are too many unkown and possibly known variables in the economy, both domestic and internationally, which could affect something and make all of the talking heads seem out of touch with reality.

Unlike other "traditional" realtors, we've been fairly busy this last quarter of 2007. I hope it continues into 2008.

 Wishing you all a happy holidays and prosperous new year. Have fun out there!