How we scratched the 10 year NEW HOME ITCH!

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Okay, so our home is approaching its 10th year of existence, and Bob & I have had the itch to move.  Since we are Realtors in Columbus, Georgia, we put it on the market for sale and planned to build something new.    We had our home listed for a few months but found we were competing with brand new homes at lower prices.   Our solution?  Take a second look at exactly why we wanted to move and what else we could do about it.

First, we needed more space for our home real estate office and a place for my growing sewing hobby. 

Second, we wanted a fresh interior look like the new homes offer. 

And third, we wanted a larger backyard for our two German Shepherd dogs, Buddy and Max.

So, we hired a carpenter to knock down a wall in an upstairs bedroom and push it back 6 feet into the unused attic area, giving the ceiling a nice slant and the room a lot more usuable space.  It then got a fresh coat of paint and an accent wall.  We ripped out the carpet and had hardwood floors installed along with some recessed lighting and built in bookcases.  Now it serves as a guest bedroom and my new sewing room. 

Moving the sewing stuff out of our home real estate office has inspired us to rearrange the desks, add some file cabinets, paint and install hardwood flooring and get a new desk chair....not to mention, go through all the junk and stacks of papers that had accumulated.  Once it is finished, it will be a pleasure to work in this room!

After we started looking at our home through new eyes, we realized that the entire inside needed a fresh coat of paint (it has been 10 years afterall) and all the carpeting needed to be replaced with hardwoods.  What a project!  and what a difference it is making! 

The Master Bedroom has been repainted to coordinate with one of the quilts I recently made.  Hardwood flooring will finish that room off perfectly, too.

Thank goodness for our home equity line which has made it possible to do all these changes now and pay for them over the next few months.

As far as the larger backyard for our German Shepherds, that was just something I was wanting.  The dogs seem fine with their surroundings, especially as they grow older and less active.  Plus we have started them in obedience training so they are easier to take for walks now.  

Bob has installed stacked rocks as an edging between the flower beds and the yard which really defines the yard and makes it look larger.  We have also ordered a new pool liner which should arrive any day now.  It will definitely give the backyard a fresher look, too!   And in a couple more weeks, when all danger of frost is gone, I will begin planting flowers out there.

So, life is good right here at home....our almost new 10 year old home!


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