Choosing a Home Inspector

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Not all home inspectors are created equally! The abilities and knowledge of home inspectors vary widely; choose carefully to get the best home inspection possible. The key is to ask about the qualifications, background, and experience of your inspector.

Besides cost, there are a number of things to consider when choosing a Home Inspector to inspect your new home. Most people that call our office usually ask only one question! "How much do you charge for a home inspection?" Though this is a pertinent question when seeking a home inspection, it should not be the main concern.

Many homebuyers do not know what else to ask. Since this person will be inspecting the most valuable possesion you may possibly ever purchase, here are a few ideas along with a list of questions you should consider asking when calling about a home inspection.

The following is a list of just 8 questions you may want to consider asking when seeking a home inspector for your new property:

1. How long have you been doing Inspections? Make sure the inspector has experience.

2. Approximately how many inspections have you performed? Make sure your not the first on their inspections performed list. A reputable Home Inspector will conduct at least 250 inspections per year.

3. What did you do before becoming a home inspector? A person with previous experience in building trades may be a wiser choice than, say a former hair dresser, unless of course, the hairdresser has had extensive inspection training.

4. Are you Licensed and Insured? Some states require home inspectors to be licensed and to carry Errors and Omissions (E&O) and/or General Liability Insurance (Florida does not). Ensure that the Home Inspector you choose carries both E&O and General Libility insurance for your protection.

5. Can you give me references? Inspectors should be able to offer references from previous clients if requested.

6. What type of report do you offer? Ask what type of report they offer and how soon it will be available.  A reputable company will offer on-site, computer generated reports.

7. What do you inspect, Roof, Attic, etc? Some inspectors will not traverse a roof or enter a crawlspace. This is understandable if unsafe conditions exist but if not, ask if they will do it or not.

8. And Finally! What do you charge? Oh yes, then there's the question of pricing... Remember the old adage, "you get what you pay for"? Consider this statement instead: you may not always get what you pay for, but you never get what you don't pay for! When choosing a home inspection company, the cost of quality is soon forgotten, while the cost of a cheap choice may linger forever.

In comparison to the price of your family's home, the price of a QUALITY home inspection will be the best money you ever spend!

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