Updating your RES.NET Profile to accept BPOs

Services for Real Estate Pros with RES.NET

Did you know that USRES Valuations will soon be combined with RES.NET? Because of this, all USRES members will begin using RES.NET exclusively for all order assignments by the end of March.

If you would like to become active and eligible for future assignments, all you have to do is update your Agent profile in RES.NET.

To do this, is simple. After logging into your AMP account, you will be defaulted to the Update Profile window. If you would like to complete Pre-Foreclosure Valuation Orders, some information on your Profile has to be updated in order to receive Valuation Orders. Click on the Update Profile Now hyperlink. If you are willing to accept Pre-Foreclosure Valuation Orders, the following fields will need to be updated on your Agent Profile in AMP. Check the box if you are Interested in Completing Valuation Orders. You will be asked to complete the following fields: - Name and Address on your Real Estate License - The type of license; Agent or Broker - E&O Carrier, Policy number, and Coverage Amount - Services Provided - Original Licensed Date and if you have REO experience - Data Sources

How to Update your Profile

Did you have any questions about this? Feel free to contact us at support@res.net, or at 800-760-7036.


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