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covina financial planner, city of covinaIn looking for a Financial Planner in Covina, first we need to consider what it means to have someone that can help you to create a diversified financial plan.

What does it mean to have a diversified financial plan? We hear all the time from Mutual Fund Managers  and investment Advisors that all we need to do for the proper financial plan is to have a proper allocation of funds, stocks, and cash, and we'll be ok. Is that really the whole truth?

The reality is that our financial web is interconnected and one part affects the rest. In Covina, as with all of Southern California, our mortgages affect our Retirement, and our Retirement affects how we will fund our life insurance policy. One thing affects the other. We cannot think of our individual decisions as islands all to themselves.  Proper financial planning in Covina  involves thinking about our finances as a whole and making decisions accordingly.

For those that felt that their home was their greatest asset, thus pouring all of their extra dollars into a mortgage that would not earn them an income in the future, many felt the ground beneath them give way during the Housing Crisis, and they haven't recovered since. At the same time the bursting bubble all but decimated their investment portfolio and they are left wondering... "Why did this happen? I thought my assets were diversified?" 

Eggs in one basket, Diversification, diversified assets

While many at this point believe that this is just the way it had to be for everyone, I want to assure you, that is NOT the case. True diversification in it's most core state is defined by the fact when one investment suffers loss, an adjacent invesment does not sustain the same loss. In fact, during such times, your adjacent invesments may even GAIN value.

Because of this, it is important that when we choose a financial planner in Covina  we should have the confidence that he/she is well versed in all of these areas and can service our needs accordingly. Visit to learn more about what Josiah can do for your financial plan in the Covina area.

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