Protect your AZ & NV Short Sale Listings From Foreclosure

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How many time's has something went wrong in your AZ or NV short sale listing that has pushed your sellers into foreclosure?  Sellers in a true hardship situation do not have money to handle any repairs that come up during the listing period.  I see it all the time were the agent doesn't advise the seller to add free home warranty sellers coverage on there listing, and water heater goes out, the home gets pushed into foreclosure because no one has any money to cover the repair.  If there was an ETHW in place someone can come up with $60 to have the repair handled.  There are a few AZ and NV home warranty companies out there that will let you add free sellers coverage for up to 180 days during the listing period even on short sales, ETHW is one of them.  Not only are you protecting your seller, your protecting your listing, and able to market an as/is property with a warranty on it.  To view ETHW brochure you can find it online at .

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